Mindfulness for Students: 5 Benefits & 6 Techniques

These days, it can be challenging to find the balance between an adventurous and productive lifestyle. The problem is especially tough for modern students. You have to memorize new information,manage daily stress, and develop social skills. Instant access to information can confuse and overload your brain.The development of mindfulness can provide you with a wide variety of benefits. With this …

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How Mindfulness Protects You as You Get Older

Lovely elderly woman

What is Mindful Ageing? “Mindful ageing” is a practice that encourages older adults to use mindfulness as a way of coping with the challenges and changes that are a natural part of the ageing process. This non-judgmental approach to ageing promotes a more positive attitude to ageing and offers a good counter to the more negative perceptions of ageing that …

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