7 Simple Tips to Help You Lose Weight Without Diet Plans Or Exercise

Lose Weight Without Diet

30-Second Summary Several studies show that you can lose weight without a strict diet or regular exercise. You can reduce weight by avoiding stress-eating, getting adequate sleep, and getting enough vitamin D. Also, you may take smaller food portions and eat from smaller plates for fewer calorie intake. Still, eating slowly and chewing food thoroughly tells your brain that you …

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10 Steps To Lose Weight without Dieting


If you or anyone you know has followed a restrictive diet to lose weight, you should be aware of how unpleasant, difficult, and ineffective they are. Excluding important food groups from your diet or starving yourself by limiting calorie intake drastically is hazardous to health. These fad diets that promise to shed pounds fast may work as a quick fix, …

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Top 6 Food You Should Consume Pre Workout To Lose Weight

female holding snack and dumbbell

Losing weight is not that easy as it gets gained. You might have realized this by now if you have started to make efforts to shed the extra kgs. While the talks of weight loss are majorly focused on workouts and calorie deficit diets important things like pre and post-workout nutrition are often missed out. A long list of items …

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Cardio Vs Weight Training: Which one is effective for lose weight?


Cardio Vs weight training: Which one is effective for lose weight?Cardio Vs weight training: Which one is effective for lose weight?Many people, who want to lose weight, are always hung up on the question – which one is the better workout to lose weight – cardio or workout? If someone says that cardio is better, many of you will hop …

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