How to overcome mental health challenges during online classes


All of us were acquainted with offline learning. We followed it for years and were comfortable learning new concepts in a classroom environment along with the company of our peers. But, as we evolved and life progressed, the conventional offline learning form became unfit for the equation it had been a part of for so long. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak …

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More Than Meets the Eye: 7 Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Healthy


Did you know that 80% of everything you learn is made through our eyes, and what you see accounts for 80% of your memories? In the same vein, 80% of the known vision problems worldwide—including eyesight problems among kids—are preventable and even curable. Needless to say, the so-called “windows to the soul” are a fascinating pair of organs. You would …

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Effective Ways to Keep Your Joints Healthy

athletic joint pain

Joint health is important to maintain a good quality of life. If you have pain in your joints you would find it difficult to move and carry on the activities of a normal life. You would not be able to enjoy sports activities or other fun outings. Movement is important for your overall physical health as well as mental health. …

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Being a Mom and a Student – How to Stay Sane

Being a Mom and a Student

Going back to studying as an older student can be challenging. For mothers who combine parenting and studies, it’s especially true. Not only do they need to perform well academically, but they also have other responsibilities, the main of which is being a good parent to their children. That’s why student moms need to know the strategies for helping them …

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Quick Healthy Snack Recipes That Kids Can Enjoy


Kids are always curious about the food they eat. Why do I have to eat greens? Why do I have to avoid candies? Why do I have to drink plenty of water? These are some of the many questions that kids usually bombard us with. I am pretty sure all the parents would relate to that. If you have a …

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What Food Has The Most Protein?


Your body needs protein for growth, repair, and functioning. Getting enough protein in your diet every day is essential, and it’s possible to do so with a wide range of dietary options. Your daily protein intake should be based on your weight, gender, age, and overall health.You can get all the protein you need by eating a wide range of …

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