Eating Healthy as a Busy Parent and Entrepreneur


It’s easy to fall into a fast-food, drive-through routine when you’re juggling business tasks, family obligations, and a gazillion errands. An occasional mealtime shortcut won’t hurt anyone—unless it becomes a habit. Eating well benefits our bodies and our minds. Eating healthfully can even reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as keep you more focused so you’re better able …

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How Vedic Mantras can help in healing headaches?


Abstract Mantras may be quite useful to your mental health. The mind and nerve system, not the brain, are the fundamental effects of reciting mantras. The impact of mantras on our brain has been studied extensively by scientists. In the Sanskrit vocative, the mantra is formed by combining the words “thought” and “relieve.” Consider using a mantra to help you …

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How Do Vegans Get Protein


Veganism can be tried for a variety of reasons, including health, animal welfare, and environmental concerns. According to the British Dietetic Association and the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, a vegetarian or vegan diet can meet all of a person’s nutritional needs at any age. People who do not eat meat or animal proteins, on the other hand, may …

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Eye Opening Statistics About Sedentary Lifestyle


The COVID-19 pandemic put the entire world at an abrupt pause. As a safety measure, most of our available workforce transitioned to working at home. The average person spends more than half of the day sitting, while a normal office worker sits for about 15 hours daily. With the ability to work from home, the time spent commuting—riding buses, trains, …

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Why Your Child Might Need Braces & What is the Right Time for Them?

Child Braces dental treatment

Children go through many changes during their growth years, and as parents, we need to be aware of how these changes affect a child’s health. Some changes may lead your child to pick up bad habits or ignore their health and hygiene, which can permanently affect their development. Your child’s oral health needs attention from an early age. One area …

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The Ultimate Guide to CrossFit for Beginners


Are you looking to challenge yourself in the fitness game? Do you want to shake things up after sticking to the good workout regimen for a while? CrossFit, which essentially means everything but Cross(ing)Fit(ness), is your best bet. What is CrossFit? Developed in 2000 by retired Navy SEAL Greg Glassman, CrossFit has been the rage in the fitness industry for …

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Different Workouts for Different Health Issues


The human body is complex enough to allow specific muscles or muscle groups to be repaired while other parts are still damaged. Recovery of the injury might take some time, but it will ultimately happen even if there are still symptoms involved. This is why it’s essential to know more about exercise and its effects on humans to handle their …

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7 Best Remedies For Piles


Piles are medically known as haemorrhoids and are produced by the aggravation of tissues in the anal region. Veins, muscles, and tissues that can become inflamed make up the anal passage. Piles are inflamed tissues and veins that vary in size and direction. They can be inward or outward in nature. Outside piles appear on the rims and dividers of …

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Reducing Carbon Dioxide during the Holiday Season


During the holidays, we celebrate through good food, bright lights, festivities, getaways, gift-giving, and more. However, this also leads to an increase in CO2 levels. Each person produces around 1,400 pounds more CO2 emissions during the holiday season. Wondering how carbon dioxide affects our environment and what you can do to minimize carbon dioxide levels this holiday season? Keep reading! …

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