6 Actions That Hospitals Were Ready To Take To Combat COVID- 19


Many hospitals are taking the necessary steps to combat C.O.V.I.D.-19 in response to a recent increase in reported cases worldwide and virus outbreaks within their facilities. The disease has been reported as spreading very quickly through hospitals and only infecting other patients, sometimes killing them in less than a week. In response to these developments, many hospitals have implemented unique …

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Should You Be Using Cannabis if You Have Coronavirus?


Almost every person in every region is suffering from the coronavirus, but some are recovering due to home care or hospitality, and some couldn’t make it. Cannabis therapy is well known for long decades with cannabinoids like CBD and THC. These are used for treating various people with various diseases. So let’s discuss what effects cannabis leaves on Covid-19; is …

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Things You didn’t Know About the COVID-19 mutation

About the COVID-19 mutation

It has been a year now when the COVID-19 pandemic made people worldwide pause by staying in their houses for several months as instructed by governments in coordination with the World Health Organization. The call for vaccine creation became louder, and pharmaceutical companies heard the people’s demands. As the economies try to cope and businesses slowly open, more and more …

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How To Stay Fit And Healthy During Coronavirus


It may be a challenge to stay fit during the coronavirus, especially if your gym is closed or you don’t have an appropriate place to exercise. But do you know that you can stay fit even during the lockdown? It’s the wrong opinion that you need to stay fit only because of your looks and toned body. Staying fit helps …

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Tips To Manage Stress During COVID 19


The old people not letting them outside will feel more stressed. The old people with dangerous diseases will also have a problem since the disease can be widespread. This lockdown crisis may also seem to disturb and annoy the children and teens. They will naturally have an active metabolism. So it will be disturbing to stay immobile in a place. …

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Supporting Your Child’s Mental Health During COVID-19

girl wearing mask

The outbreak of the pandemic has brought a lot of changes in every aspect of our lives.  Children are the most affected mentally since they feel these changes deeply. However, the easing of the lockdown restrictions has brought some form of excitement. But both children and young people are still feeling anxious or frightened. People across the world are living …

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How To Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle During COVID-19?

Heart shape container with healthy vegetables near stethoscope

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the world, claiming about 667,000 lives. While many countries have had some luck in controlling the number of cases, some countries are still struggling to control the pace of COVID-19 spread. Therefore, while it is extremely important to stay quarantined, it is equally important to maintain a healthy lifestyle during COVID-19. Everyone …

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Fight Coronavirus: 10 Tips to Boost Your Immunity Naturally

Covid coronavirus in real 3d illustration concept

Like any other defence mechanism, our body has its security system that keeps all the unwanted guest out of our smooth working. Since we know that there is no proven cure for the ongoing COVID-19 virus. It is novel and spreads quite fast. The only measure provided by the government and the authorities is to keep prevention from the infection. …

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