How Pandemic Has Harmed Mental Health Of Teens


The COVID-19 pandemic has denoted our living through many of the disasters, including financial and disease-related problems, all in one. These crises have made a significant impact on our mental and physical health. Covid crisis has taken a psychological toll on all ages of people. In these challenging times, we all suffer from other problems too, but the best part …

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How to keep your minds healthy amid these testing times

peaceful young female sitting at home in meditative posture

Coronavirus; I know for a fact that by now you hate this word because we have heard this one so much so that personally, my ears hurt, not literally of course. This virus has made huge and much worse changes in our lives, careers, education, and health. Even if we are not infected with the virus, the virus is somewhere …

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Tips to Stay Healthy in a Busy Routine

Sports family

There are few decisions in life that can make a difference in maintaining and improving the health of any individual. As an employee or a business leader, there might be more than one time when you have to sacrifice your routine for work. The best way to deal with this is to make sure to fit in the right habits …

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Fight Coronavirus: 10 Tips to Boost Your Immunity Naturally

Covid coronavirus in real 3d illustration concept

Like any other defence mechanism, our body has its security system that keeps all the unwanted guest out of our smooth working. Since we know that there is no proven cure for the ongoing COVID-19 virus. It is novel and spreads quite fast. The only measure provided by the government and the authorities is to keep prevention from the infection. …

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Natural Ways to Treat Body Pain

Woman looking in the mirror having neck pain

Body pain is more common than we would like to admit. With change in weather or over-exertion, it is common for one to feel discomfort in various parts of their body. And when your body is in pain, even the most basic physical activity becomes exhausting. While many people will look for a simple solution of popping a pill to …

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Live Longer and Healthier By Practicing Yoga


There are in numerous benefits of doing yoga regularly. Even giving only 30 to 45 minutes to yoga in a whole day can help you in so many ways. It gives you a mental peace, fit body and healthy soul. Benefits of Yoga: Yoga gives you the peace of mind by which by you will feel relaxed, stress free because …

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6 Important tips for Staying Healthy in the Winter Season

Young healthy woman drinking filtered water on the kitchen

Many people consider the winter season as the season of sickness. During this season, most of the people you meet would be suffering from either cold or flu. It can be a very challenging task to stay healthy when people around you are falling prey to the nasty germs. Although it may be chilly outside, but winter season does not …

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How Effective is Ayurvedic Treatment for Psoriasis


Originating from India, this ancient and holistic practice has cured many and is dependable in this age of antibiotic and quick remedies. The Ayurvedic ingredients such as aloe vera and turmeric help in Ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis, a skin inflammation disorder. Ayurvedic medicines make use of the most natural elements like plant root such as ginger. These give a special …

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Cosmetic Dental Care – Finding the Right Dentist in Greenbelt


What is Cosmetic Dental Care? Generally speaking, cosmetic dental care is any dental procedure which main objective is the improvement of the dental aesthetics of the patient. Areas treated include the teeth, bite and gum and the procedure could be aimed at correcting color, shape, positioning, size and alignment issues just to name a few. You can get more information …

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