Take Care of Your Eyes While You Are Young to Live a Successful Life


Are You In Your 20s or 30s? Unlimited opportunities and challenges await you. Any nation or community thrives on its youngsters only. Therefore, it becomes crucial that you keep yourself in good health. When you hear good health, everything comes into your mind but not your eyes. Young brigade is concerned about their weight, bone health, mental health and many …

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How laser eye surgery can be life-changing


People have laser eye surgery for a variety of reasons. Some have an active lifestyle, and want freedom from glasses so they can swim, play sport and climb mountains. Others don’t see themselves as glasses wearers, and do all they can to avoid wearing them, even at the expense of their eyesight. Contact lenses come with their own difficulties, whether …

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Blepharitis and Dry Eyes: Causes and Treatments


Traditional Definitions: Blepharitis: An inflammatory condition of the eyelid that is usually associated with bacterial conditions. Dry eyes: When an individual does not have enough of the right kind of tears to keep the eyes comfortable, it often results in dryness and may even cause damage to the surface of the eyeballs. Causes: What causes blepharitis? The causes of blepharitis …

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Squint Eye Surgery: Understanding Technicalities


There are many things applicable even today which were postulated or predicted many many years by great thinkers of those times. For instance, Hippocrates,a renowned physician in the Greek period had predicted that parents having distorted vision have children who have squint eyes. True enough. Prediction of such a genetic disorder appears true even in current age and times. Squint …

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Have You Been Protecting Your Eyes Right?


The importance of our eyes in our lives cannot be stressed enough. To maintain our lifestyle’s quality, it is important that we protect them from harmful elements, like the sun, radiation, chemicals, and dirt,looking to ruin it. Whether you’re working or having fun outdoors, here are simple – yet crucial – ways for you to protect your precious peepers: EAT …

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Eye Care Tips for Computer Users


Technology continues to play an increasingly important and permanent role in our day-to-day lives, with more and more people finding themselves sat behind a computer screen at work and a tablet screen or mobile phone at home. Sitting behind a computer screen all day can really strain our eyes, making it harder to concentrate and stay engaged throughout our daily …

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