7 Simple Tips to Help You Lose Weight Without Diet Plans Or Exercise

30-Second Summary

  • Several studies show that you can lose weight without a strict diet or regular exercise.
  • You can reduce weight by avoiding stress-eating, getting adequate sleep, and getting enough vitamin D.
  • Also, you may take smaller food portions and eat from smaller plates for fewer calorie intake.
  • Still, eating slowly and chewing food thoroughly tells your brain that you are full, though you have eaten less food within a longer time.
  • There are several weight losses supplements to help your weight loss journey without diet or exercise.


Having diet plans can sometimes be challenging, especially if you have to stick to them for a long time. Conventionally, we believe diet plans and regular exercise are the only ways to lose weight. But research shows you can still lose weight without diet plans and constant workouts.

Apart from several ways like eating fiber foods and proteins, you can sleep well, avoid stress, and eat slowly.

Plus, you may get enough vitamin d, eat less, and use smaller plates. If all fails, you may use the best weight loss supplements to fasten your weight loss. However, always read product reviews to know their efficacy and side effects before buying and using them.

Below are some of the best weight loss tips that will help you lose weight without following a fixed diet or exercise routine:

1. Chew Food Slowly and Thoroughly

Chewing food slowly may give your brain enough time to process that you have eaten enough. The best way to eat slowly is by chewing food slowly and thoroughly. In the end, you feel full after eating less food. So, you avoid overeating which could lead to obesity. It makes you live the moment, and you will take smaller amounts of food and fewer calories. Some studies show that how fast you eat your food affects your weight. The studies claim that people who eat faster gain weight fast.

2. Eat Smaller Food Servings

Taking a small amount of food per serving frequently helps you eat less than you would probably eat under normal circumstances. Dividing food into small portions increases your level of fullness when it is time for your next food portion. Remember, taking bigger food portions entices you to eat more and makes you overweight. So, serve smaller food portions to help you eat less.

3. Serve Food on Smaller Plates

It’s normal for many people to finish up all the food served on a plate. Many people feel satisfied regardless of the size of the plate. So, to lower the number of calories and amount of food you take, use smaller plates. You could also try using a portion control plate. A portion control plate may help you control the amount of food you eat because it has indicators to help you put the right portions. Still, you must ensure that the food you serve on the smaller plates doesn’t contain many calories.

4. Get Enough Vitamin D

Research shows that people with low vitamin D levels in the blood tend to be obese. Furthermore, people with low levels of vitamin D experience chronic stress, depression, and metabolic syndrome. As a result, they tend to eat more due to stress which makes them overweight. Fortunately, you can get vitamin D by basking in the sun for 30 minutes daily. Or, you can take vitamin D supplements to get your required dose.

5. Reduce Or Avoid Stress

Stress may cause hormonal imbalance and unhealthy eating habits. When you are stressed, your body produces hormones called glucocorticoids which increase your appetite. It is the reason why you may overeat when you get chronic stress. In fact, you may experience emotional eating when you have stress. Still, you tend to eat unhealthy foods to try and brighten your moods. Stress is a hazard to your health, and you better avoid it. You can deal with stress by avoiding non-essential commitments, meditation, entertainment, and exercise.

6. Use Approved Weight-Loss Supplements

There is a lot of speculation about what constitutes weight loss supplements. Essentially, some have serious side effects which are dangerous to your health. Beware of untested supplements for the sake of your health. Always conduct deep research, especially in the Health Web Magazine, on many products before buying. However, the top weight loss supplements achieve their objective without side effects.

For example, several Keto F1 reviews say the product may help you lose weight in a short while without diet or exercise and that Keto F1 is a natural supplement that produces quick results.

Indeed, many reviews in the Health Web Magazine report that Keto F1 is quite potent, and anyone can use it. Better still, the product has no side effects, according to many customer reviews.

But you can check more Keto F1 reviews online to make sure that you understand how to use it. And the reviews will help you decide if it will be appropriate for you before you buy and use it.

7. Get Adequate Sleep Daily

Many people tend to neglect their sleep by sleeping less, which affects their health in many ways. Lack of adequate sleep may affect your appetite and cause weight gain. Lack of sleep increases the production of leptin hormone, which causes an increase in hunger and unnecessary cravings. It makes you eat unhealthy foods containing more calories stored as fat, causing weight gain. In essence, you must sleep at least seven hours daily to remain healthy. However, don’t oversleep since you may reverse the gains of enough sleep.


There are many weights loss tips to help you lose weight other than following strict diet plans or exercising regularly. Chewing food slowly helps your brain be more mindful and assertive to realize when you’ve had just enough. Taking small food proportions frequently helps reduce the number of calories you take daily. You could also try using smaller plates. Smaller plates help reduce your daily calorie intake. Inadequate sleep due to stress or sleeping disorders causes obesity and weight gain. It is due to bad eating habits like stress-eating or eating unhealthy junk food to brighten your mood.

Try basking in the sun to get vitamin D to overcome obesity. Studies show that low vitamin D levels bring about obesity and weight gain. Still, your doctor may recommend you take the best weight loss supplements if you can’t shed excess weight fast.

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