Acne Scars: Who Gets Them and Why?

Acne are such a terrible and pesky thing and they cause so much trouble for those who have them. They can be painful, ugly and they can cause people to feel really bad about themselves and their personal appearance. They can be treated and their causes are mostly hormonal. However, what you really need to think about is the scars that can be left once the acne are gone. Some people don’t get the scars, while others have them and try to get rid of them. Here are the answers to the most common questions about the acne scars, about who gets these scars and why they appear. Also, here is how to get rid of those scars once they cannot be avoided.

Why Scars Appear?


Acne appears because of the hormones called androgen’s. They make the sebaceous glands work harder and harder and they produce too much sebum. That causes the walls of the cells that make the skin tissue to break down, and once it happens, the bacteria get inside and cause the infection. Furthermore, the infection then damages the skin tissue and deteriorates it. Once the whole infection process ends, the skin tissue attempts to repair itself by producing collagen. The right amount of collagen will keep the skin repaired. However, insufficient amounts will make depressed scars, while too much collagen will make raised scars. It all depends on the type of your skin and the way it acts.

Who Gets These Scars?

People who have acne need to make sure that they have proper treatment. Mild cases of acne are those that manifest as black and whiteheads. Moderate cases are whiteheads and the most severe cases are the nodules. Nodules have puss filled cysts appearing under the skin. They are painful and they make the most damage to the skin tissue. However, people who try to squeeze, pop or in any way touch and remove the acne, as well as those with poorer personal hygiene and inadequate cosmetics have more chances to develop permanent scars from their acne. With this type of bad skin care, they allow more bacteria to reach the acne and in that way develop more serious damage which results in scars.

How to avoid them?

Scars can be avoided by treating the acne permanently and patiently. They heal slowly and they are not easy to heal. However, only if you treat them in this way, you can avoid the scars. This means that your acne need to be treated by a dermatologist who will tell you how to get rid of them and what to do about them. However, once the acne get treated, you need to make sure that there is no scaring. Keep your skin moisturized and drink plenty of water. Make face masks of raw potato and use special creams that soften the skin and make it elastic and less prone to scarring.

How to Treat Them?

However, even if you do all there is to do to prevent the scars, it may happen that they occur after all. Some hormonal reasons may cause nodules to happen even if you take extra care about your skin. If this happens, you need to take some measures once you see that the scar has occurred. You may want to use some concealers in order to make them less visible. Also, in some cases, simple creams that whiten the skin may do the trick. Some more serious scars can be fixed with fillers as well. Today you also have the option of acne treatment that is done by the lasers. That would definitely help with the scars as well since there are many laser acne treatments that help skin reparation. The options are many.

It is always best to avoid the scars than to treat them. That is why acne treatment is so important when you talk about the scars that come from the acne. However, there are many options today and people with acne, especially the young people are not left on their own to try and solve this serious dermatological issue on their own which is a good thing.

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