The Most Important Fact You Should Know About Cosmetic Surgery

Today, people are becoming more conscious about their looks, which leads to ever-increasing demand for cosmetic surgeries than ever before. As there is no doubt cosmetic surgery improve person’s appearance and build confidence. This is the sole reason for people don’t hesitate to undergo any plastic surgery. As per the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery report, there is an 8% increase worldwide in plastic surgeries as compared to surgeries performed in the past year. This is a great figure if we able to calculate in terms of numbers.

Now, if you are one, who is considering to undergo with a surgical procedure make sure you will read the content till the end. Let’s discuss:

1. Opt The Surgery For The Right Reason

Nowadays, Plastic surgery has become an important part of our lives. However, despite increasing popularity, there are still many misconceptions about what plastic surgery can and cannot do. One of the biggest misconceptions is the idea of a complete transformation but the transformation is only for sci-fi movies – not real life. Plastic surgery is about personal enhancement, improving your appearance – not completely changing who you are!

Be very open and honest with your consultation. While his expertise will help educate you about what you can generally expect from certain procedures, like some women will say they want a “natural” look – when they really want “va-va-voom. When you are open about exactly what you want from your plastic surgery experience with an expert, you are much more likely to be satisfied with the end results. So, understanding the process, results, and limitations of a procedure will allow you to adjust your expectations accordingly or explore other options to better meet your needs.

2. Right Age To Perform Surgery

The right age for performing surgery is purely based on the type of surgery you prefer to undergo. As per the study, the different time limit has been set for different procedures. Let’s check out some of them:

Type of Surgery                                                                             Optimal Age

Eye Lift                                                                                                         40 years
Botox                                                                                                          40 to 59 years
Rhinoplasty                                                                                               at least 19 years
Breast Implants                                                                                       25-28 years
Lip Enhancement                                                                                        18 years
Face Lift                                                                                                        40 years
Liposuction                                                                                              35-50 years

Each procedure is different, enhancing and correcting different areas of the body. That also means each procedure has a proper age to go with it.

3. Give Importance To Post Care

Plastic surgery is a difficult procedure that requires the patient to recover properly, taking appropriate precautions and adequate rest. A doctor should be consulted before engaging in any new form of physical activity. Basic tips to be taken care after plastic surgery are:

  1. No Cosmetics: After the surgery, one should avoid the application of any cosmetics in the area as it can lead to allergies or infection.
  2. Stay Indoor: The direct UV rays on stitches or the area where surgery performed must be avoided for the few days. This can effect in a negative way on your surgical area.
  3. Healthy Diet: Antibiotics sometimes lead to gastric problems. So, always prefer a healthy diet with full of nutrition. Consumption of alcohol and smoking should also be avoided even before surgery.
  4. Use aloe vera juice: Aloe vera juice helps in healing the ruptured cells from inside and also building the quality of the skin.
  5. Avoid medicines and supplements: Intake of supplements without doctors consent can lead to harmful effects. As many medicines make blood clotting hard.

4. Know About The Risks

The basic goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve a person’s appearance and, thus, self-esteem and self-confidence. But before undergoing for plastic surgery one should be fully aware of the risks involved with this. Let’s discuss some of them:

  1. Hematoma: Hematoma is a pocket of blood that resembles a large, painful bruise. This can be commonly found the issue and the treatment sometimes includes additional operations to drain the blood.
  2. Nerve Damage: Numbness and tingling are common after plastic surgery and can be signs of nerve damage.
  3. Infection: one of the more common complications of plastic surgery. In some cases, infections can be internal and severe, requiring IV antibiotics.
  4. Scarring: Surgery typically results in some scarring. These involve Hypertrophic scarring, which is an abnormally red and thick raised scar that occurs after 2-5% of breast augmentation procedures.
  5. Blood Loss: Blood loss can happen while on the operating table, but also internally, after surgery. If it is uncontrolled blood loss, this can lead to a drop in blood pressure with potentially deadly outcomes.

5. Don’t Give Extra Weightage To Cost Factor

Nowadays, the price factor for cosmetic surgery varies from different service providers. Because of today’s financial scenario, the cost involved may be considering factor for many people. But as per the studies, people rather than taking a decision on the cost of specialist should consider other material factors like qualification, skills, in years experiences in surgeries. Most importantly the hospital’s before and aftercare services benefit the customer in long run.

Bottom line

People all over world accepted plastic surgery is more prevalent than ever. Proper surgery performance in a particular area can not only enhance your appearance but improve physical health and boost self-confidence. But it’s not to be undertaken without thought, consultation, some research, and a strong belief that you’ve made the best choice possible of the surgeon.

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