Can The Sun Damage Cause Skin Cancer? Let’s Know The Fact

The sun contains dangerous UV rays which have adverse effects on the skin. Some effects are sunburns, dull skin, premature aging, and uneven skin tone and skin cancer in the long run. You are supposed to be prepared for summer to save your skin from minor damages and the major one which is the skin cancer. UV rays do not cause impact immediately on your skin. Hence, it can be difficult for you to understand how and when you got the skin cancer.

Always wear sunscreen creams during summer or buy a large hat or umbrella that will be able to cover your skin from the sun.

The following are impacts of sun to the skin:

  1. Causes skin cancer: The sun has dangerous UV rays that cause skin cancer. It is not a myth or guesswork and assumptions. It is a reality that the sun has benefits and adverse effects to the skin. It is upon you to know when it is best to have your skin exposed to the sun.
  2. UV rays cause uneven skin and skin dryness: The sun’s UV rays have the ability to cause dryness and dullness of the skin making you look different. Use a good moisturizer that will help reduce the dull skin and maintain a smooth, youthful look. It also helps reduce chances of being infected by skin cancer.
  3. Strengthens bone: Your bones require the sun to get high enough to handle all activities. You need strong bones to enable you to handle your daily chores without complaints. It also helps joint pain reduction and also eases any other pain caused by arthritis. Your bones require the sun to prevent inflammation.
  4. Protection against rickets for children and osteoporosis in adults: It is also another benefit of the sun, but if you take your child in the afternoon sun, the child will be at a significant risk of being exposed to skin cancer. In case you want your child to be free from that risk, you have to take the child during the morning hours and in the evening. It is when you will be sure enough that the child is safe.
  5. It provides the energy necessary for life: Despite the ability to cause skin cancer, the sun has benefits to humans too if used appropriately. You can use solar energy to light your house, cook and heat water. This energy is best tapped when the UV rays are so high able to cause cancer of the skin.
  6. Premature aging of the skin: The sun rays burn the skin too much causing the dark pigment to weaken hence causing sunburns leading to premature aging. It is accompanied by wrinkles all over the face and may result in skin cancer in the long run. In this case, you may find a person 20 years of age with a dry, wrinkled face due to too much exposure to the sun.
  7. Skin redness: It is a definite symptom of skin cancer where you have to for check up. The dermatologist will be in a position to give you treatment and identify the level in which it has developed in your skin. If it is discovered at an early stage, you will be lucky since it can be handled appropriately and reduce further spreading. The sun damage skin in the noon time hence keeps off the noon solar unless you are adequately protected.
  8.  Leads to formation of serious sunburns and dull skin: A child who has serious sunburns requires immediate treatment to prevent the situation from becoming severe. You as a parent you should be alert for your child to ensure that the noon solar does not get in touch with their skin. You should ensure that during this time the children are under the shade or indoors to avoid getting their sensitive skin with the UV rays. The following are signs to make you take an immediate action to prevent your child from damage caused by the sun: fainting, headache, vomiting, severe blistering, nausea, and confusion. Get your child for further examination and treatment.


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The sun being a source of vitamin D has a positive side to the human body. The vitamin D helps in maintaining the dark skin pigment that gives your skin color. It can protect your baby from rickets and osteoporosis in adults. The negative side is dangerous especially the ability to cause skin cancer leaves you wondering whether you are already infected with skin cancer. It is because we are prone to basking in the sun but the dangerous UV rays are found in the midday sun which you are supposed to keep your skin free from it.

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