Top 5 Home Remedies To Treat Dark Circles

So, you are having dark circles. Did you try to treat them ever? If no, then you should find out some beneficial ways to treat them successfully.

Sometimes, heredity is the major cause of your dark circles. If your mother, father or other blood relations have a tendency of dark circles, then you may also have them around your eyes. Some of the other causes could be – Certain allergies, Contact dermatitis, Atopic dermatitis, Fatigue, Pigmentation irregularities, Sun exposure, excess eye rubbing and Aging.

Home remedies to treat your dark circles


Mild dark circles can be treated easily with some quick and affordable home remedies. Whereas, for excess darkness, you have to visit a good dermatologist to treat them effectively.

Here are some great home remedies which will surely help you out in treating your dark circles. Let’s have a look:

  • Frozen Pea Wrap Technique: One of the cheapest treatments for your dark circles is the application of a frozen pea wrap. Take two chilled teaspoons of peas and wrap them in a soft piece of cloth. Keep this on your eyes for around 10 to 15 minutes and then remove it. This technique temporarily helps reducing your faded under-eye blood vessels in an efficient manner.
  • Putting Cucumber Slices: With slight astringent properties and natural cooling effect, cucumber aids to real skin lightening. Take some cucumber slices and chill them in freezer for 30 minutes. Put those slices on the affected area for around 10 minutes. Wash your eyes with tap water and repeat this process twice a day.
  • Applying Almond Oil: Almond oil is a great source to get rid of your dark circles. It helps fading under eye circles after a regular massage. Apply almond oil every night near your eyes before going to bed. Keep it overnight and rinse in the morning with tap water. You will surely feel the difference in just 15 days.
  • Utilizing Chilled Milk: Chilled milk is yet another beneficial treatment for the removal of dark circles. Dip two cotton balls into chilled milk and place them on your eyes. Cover both the eyes properly with cotton balls so that the milk reaches under the affected skin. Leave the cotton balls for some time and then rinse with tap water. See the magic!
  • Using Orange Juice:Last but not the least; orange juice is a natural way to lighten your dark circles. A mixture of some glycerin and orange juice is extremely beneficial for skin lightening. Apply it regularly near your darker, puffy eyes and view a big difference in just a short period of time.Also, this incredible mixture helps retaining the glow of your damaged skin.

So, these are some amazing home remedies for treating your dark circles in a rapid way. Try them from now and see the real difference on your face!

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