When Is Breast Surgery Right for You?

At least once in a woman’s lifetime, there is a time when she is thinking about her breast – the size of it, the feel of it, how she looks with it. It can’t be helped – it’s part of their body that affects their overall appearance. Some women want their breast to be bigger, some want theirs smaller, and some others just want them to be proportional and even. Too bad, not everybody got their wish.

Breast surgery, or breast implant, or boob job, can help women with their breast problem, however many are still reluctant to do it. For one, they are afraid of the stigma they’ll receive from the society once they know that their breast is implanted. Another reason, they feel that undergoing breast surgery is a proof that they are not confident with the body they were born with and it is perceived as a sign of indignity.

However, the truth is, breast surgery is the most common plastic surgery procedure requested by women, according to American Society of Plastics Surgeons. So, which one is the truth? What do women – or people in general – actually think about breast surgery?

What is Breast Surgery

Breast surgery has many types. It includes breast reduction surgery and breast enlargement surgery. Beast reduction surgery will make your breast smaller. Breast enlargement surgery or breast enhancement surgery is just what the name says. It is a surgery to make your breast bigger. An implant made from either silicone or saline water will be inserted either under your breast tissue or under your breast muscle through the incision, therefore increasing the volume of your breast.

This is typically a procedure with moderate complexity. After you receive the treatment, usually you only need to take 2-4 days off from work, although heavy physical activity is not allowed 3-6 months after, depending on the individual.

Do I Need Breast Surgery?

People need breast surgery for various reasons. For example, there are people who were born with genetically small or uneven breasts. While for some other people this matter is something trivial, for the people with it, small or uneven breasts may be a source of dissatisfaction. While it is true that small or uneven breast doesn’t affect them physically, sometimes having their breast fixed into a better shape make them genuinely happier.

Older women experiences aging that may leave their breast sagging and losing volume. This is a natural part of life, but it is also natural for women to want to look their best. Breast enlargement will help them to keep their figure even as they age, giving them less problem to be worried over.

Some other experience either illness or accident that damages or changes their breast shape. However, in this case, there is also a chance that breast surgery may be off limit due to possibility of the procedure complicating the recovery treatment.

Some other may want breast surgery from the simple fact that they don’t like their current body shape. They want to feel good and look good wearing bikini or low cut clothes, and there is nothing wrong with that. Breast surgery, just like other plastic surgery, can be treated as a more-permanent make up. The purpose is to make the user feel good.

In the end, breast surgery is right for you if you want it solely because you need or want it. Breast surgery is not for you if you want to do it because you want to impress people, or because you feel like you can’t compete with other big-breast girl, or because you feel like people won’t notice you if you don’t have big boobs. Breast surgery can fix your breast and upgrade your appearance, but it can’t change how other people think of you or look at you.

Similarly, don’t be reluctant to take breast surgery just because you’re afraid some people will judge you for fake boobs. The decision to take or not to take breast surgery lies on you and yourself alone. Don’t do (or not do) breast surgery because of other people, do it because of yourself.

The First Start to Breast Surgery

If you have decided that you want to do it, the first thing you should do is research. Get to know as much as possible about it – the requirement, the general procedure, the material, the side effect, and the cost.

The basic information you should know for starter is as below:

  • The Types of Implant – There are two types of implant: silicone and saline water. Most of the patients prefer silicone implant rather than saline water. Silicone is slightly more expensive, but less likely to rupture, it is also firmer and therefore feel more natural. Saline water is cheaper, but it is more likely to leak, causing the implant to sag because your body can absorb saline water. It is also softer, therefore it feels less natural when you touch it.
  • The Placement of the Implant – There are two places to put the implant. The first one is under the tissue of the breast. It is closer to the skin and therefore the procedure is less invasive and the recovery period is shorter. Since it is close to skin, however, you can feel the implant easily when you touch your breast. The second one is to place it under the muscle of the breast. Since the procedure needs deeper cut, the recovery period is longer. However, the feel of the implant will be subtler compared to the other placement.
  • The Incision – To place the implant inside your breast, the surgeon will make incision on one of the sides of your breast. There are typically three places for this, the underarm, the areola, and the breast fold. The underarm incision will left no scar on your breast, but it may show when you wear sleeveless clothes. The areola incision will leave scar on your breast, but it will be covered well by the dark areola tissue. The breast fold incision will leave scar on your breast as well, although it is typically hidden by the fold.

However, you can’t just march to the nearest plastic surgery clinic and state the type of implant, placement, and incision that you want. The best treatment is different for each patient, depending on their breast size, implant size, built, and medical history. Which bring us to the next step to do after doing the research – find a good clinic and a trusted surgeon.

A well done breast surgery will not make the implant inside your chest obvious. It will look subtle, even natural. This could be achieved only by reputable clinic and trusted surgeon. Make sure to book only certified plastic surgeon in a trusted clinic, such as Toronto Cosmetic Clinic.

The last step is to do a consultation with the surgeon before you decide to book the service and undergo the treatment. Consultation will help you clarify and double check information you’ve researched before. Breast surgery is not a complex procedure, but there are various decisions to be made – from the type of implant to additional treatment – and you can get overwhelmed by it all. Consultation will help you determine what you need and don’t need. You can get a free consultation here.

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