Is Too Much Exercise Beneficial?

You probably know that prioritizing health in your life is the wisest thing to do. So it is just natural for people to stay in shape by following a sensible diet and exercising regularly.

Though diet can be frustrating and difficult to most fitness enthusiasts, they make up by giving all their effort in exercise.

Now the question is this, what happens if you exercise too much? Do you know the consequences of going to hard on your workout routines?

Read on and learn more about important issues surrounding real effects of having excessive exercise.

Exercise Means Physical Sacrifices


Changing your physique is a challenging task, but most people loves doing exercise rather than perceiving it as a burden.

People do lunges, pull ups, push ups, jogs everyday and lift weights, just to lose those love handles, sculpt a better body figure, or increase muscle size.

When it comes to working out, part of that is working on different muscle groups. Doing that hurts you a lot, triggering severe muscle ache and physical fatigue. So you have to endure these body pains just to stay in shape.

For beginners, running for the first time commonly lead to muscle sore and it hurts. Why do they hurt? Well, so called experts blame it for lactic acid build up in your muscles when you are exercising. It is the release of that lactic acid in your muscles that hurts.

But apparently, that is not always the case. Fitness experts claims that lactic acid only takes a couple of hours to get out of your body, and what feeling your pain that you going to get the day after is called delayed onset muscle soreness.

The pain depends on what you have worked out, how hard you worked it out, how much you have done a specific exercise, and what muscle group you worked out.

Pain can be an inconvenience to most of us, but remember that experiencing pain is all natural. It is the best indication of what you have been doing or whether you have been doing something right.

Once that pain stops, that means that your muscles already adapted to that physical routine. However, you won’t be able to build more muscles on that specific area anymore, so you have to work other areas of your body and start experiencing pains all over again.

You need to change your workout tempo, pacing, and the weight or vary it up with different exercise routines. Or you can try a unique move to hit the same muscle groups altogether because the more you work the muscle groups in different way, you will get soreness and pain because new muscle tissues are altered or produced.

The More Pain, Equals More Gain?

So now you know that muscle pain is inevitable after an intense workout. The question is, does muscle pain equates to more muscle mass?

Well, it is important that you know that muscles are built after you workout, not while you are working out.
For example, you are lifting weights that are much heavier than your body weight, you are literally breaking apart your muscle tissues. Your muscles get bigger when the tears on that muscle tissues repair.

This means breaking muscles by lifting heavier weight (excessive workout) results to greater pumps and massive muscle growth.

But if you don’t take your lifting to your limits, say that you only lift your own body weight for months, you certainly won’t gain huge amounts of muscle fibers but you only burn fat and maintain your current muscle mass.

Can I Take the Shortcut?

Since muscle pain and soreness are not convenient to most people, they just want to take the shortcut with regards to exercise or bodybuilding.

Most bodybuilders, athletes and fitness geeks are asking if steroids can help elevate their workout program. People take steroids to help enhance their muscle gains and physical performance, and steroids truly triggers fast results.
However, most steroidal drugs are synthetic testosterone, meaning that it can never be suitable to just anyone who craves it.

Both men and women have testosterone and steroidal drugs offers “synthetic testosterone”, which will significantly increase your testosterone levels.

Too much testosterone can lead to undesirable side effects. For example, female athletes can have male secondary sexual states such as deeper voice, and their body’s shapes quite differently from others.

This is not because of their workout ethics, but because they had added more male sexual hormones due to steroidal use.

Plus, synthetic testosterone (steroids) contains questionable compounds that can severely harm your health. Some of the known side effects are insomnia, muscle weakness, nervousness, restlessness, low resistance to infections, worsening of diabetes, osteoporosis, stomach irritation, vomiting, mood swings and many others.


Too much exercise has consequences and it can either be favourable to you or not, depending on your fitness goal.
It is important that muscle soreness, pain and body fatigue (some people do suffer from fever) are all natural when you over exercise. But it can be rewarding as well.

Another important thing to remember when you are going really hard on your workout is to ensure that you stay hydrated.

Staying hydrated is extremely important! So instead of using harmful steroids, use sports nutrition energy drinks that can replenish your lost fluid and electrolytes. One such energy drink is Animal Cuts.

Read a review by Popular Diet Pills about this highly popular energizing sports drink.

So enjoy your workout program to the fullest and be sexy and fit for life!

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