Winter Skin Prep: What You Need to Know

Winter months can create a lot of problems for your skin. To avoid adverse effects caused by low temperatures and dry air inside the house, you should keep your skin protected and hydrated. Now is the best time for preparations if you care for the health of your skin.

Skin can dry out really quickly under the influence of a sharp cold wind. The capillary walls become tighter and that is the reason why redness appears. In addition, skin dryness is often accompanied by an itching sensation which can be very unpleasant in certain moments. According to experts, every skin has a different tolerance point for low temperatures which means that some people can tolerate cold weathers. Some people react to sudden temperature changes with an allergic reaction in the form of urticaria. That is the main reason why you should properly prepare preventive treatment special skin care products.

The skin preparation consists of hydro-lipid strengthening and the horny layer preservation and these two components protect the skin from drying. This way the skin becomes more resistant and less reactive to temperature changes. Experts claim that the skin needs protection during the day and during night it needs hydration.

Creams, body lotions and body milks can help protect your skin by retaining the moisture and giving it all the necessary nutrients even though one of the most important factors is the diet.

The skin should be rich in minerals, vitamins and essential ingredients which can stimulate a smooth skin metabolism and immunity enhancement of the skin as well as the entire body.


Body Care: 

One way to avoid excessive skin drying is by avoiding hot baths. Hot water quickly dissolves the protective layer of the skin which has a function of making the skin supple and moist. It is recommended to take a shower with lukewarm water which can stimulate the blood circulation of the whole body including the skin. This way your skin will receive enough oxygen which will encourage the disposal of bad substances and accelerate the recovery process.

It is important to avoid the soap as much as you can and use oil emulsions instead. After every shower, apply the body milk, body lotion or body oil and use a gentle circular motion. You can also try some effective homemade recipes. For example, you can try cold pressed coconut oil mixed with the same amount of olive oil and a few drops of immortelle essential oil. Wheat germ oil is good for the treatment of very dry skin which contains the biggest natural concentration of vitamin E. It stimulates the metabolism and protects the skin cells from getting damaged. Wheat germ oil is rich with fatty acids which strengthens the protective layer of the skin, maintains the moisture and gives it softness.

Facial Treatment:

 The skin suffers the most during winter and therefore it deserves a profound protection and a proper treatment. Since there are a lot of skin types it is necessary to distinguish products that correspond the right way during the winter period. According to experts, it is desirable to perform special anti-aging treatment to prevent wrinkles and skin aging due to excessive dryness. People with greasier skin should regularly use peelings and hydration cream especially at night. This will prevent the further pore clogging and inflammations by giving it the smoothens. It is also important to treat this skin type regularly for the same reasons.

You should pay particular attention when skiing because skin is even more exposed to the cold temperatures, wind and harmful UV radiation. It is recommended to use the so-called cold creams with a high sun protective factor or SPF. These creams are based on beeswax which creates a protective layer and prevents it from cracking. In such circumstances, it is not desirable to use a moisturizer because these substances freeze at low temperatures an form sharp molecules inside pores which can lead to irritation and skin damage.

Don’t forget about skincare for thin and sensitive areas like the eyes. These creams should be applied in the morning and before you go to bed. The daily cream should provide the a protective layer and regulate the moisture level while the night cream should nourish and regenerate the skin.

If you are not sure what skin type you have, you should consult with a dermatologist in order to avoid buying to wrong product. In case on inflammations and rashes and other contraindications you should advise with your doctor and follow his instructions.

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