Can The Sun Damage Cause Skin Cancer? Let’s Know The Fact


The sun contains dangerous UV rays which have adverse effects on the skin. Some effects are sunburns, dull skin, premature aging, and uneven skin tone and skin cancer in the long run. You are supposed to be prepared for summer to save your skin from minor damages and the major one which is the skin cancer. UV rays do not …

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12 Weight-loss Tips: Make your New Year’s resolution work


All the festive holidays that ended 2015 has left you with a fatty belly and more leftovers in the fridge. How on earth are you supposed to keep up with your weight-loss resolution this 2016? Stick to your resolution, make a realistic plan and meet your weight-loss goal in the end. Let this not be another “New Year, New Me”, …

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7 Ideas To Turbo Charge Your Metabolism And Lose Weight Fast


When summer comes we start looking for the quick way to drop that excess weight. Perhaps we have a special occasion coming up, a marriage or a family reunion. Maybe it’s a family vacation to a sunny spot in the Carribbean. No matter what the reason, you’ll be thankful to know that there is a fast way to lose weight …

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Impact Of Internet On Health Sector

People eating healthy and exercising regularly

Almost every aspect of life is touched by internet. Internet sector has also influenced the health sector. Currently the use internet in health sector is very general.  Health sectors has always showed increasing trend in growth. The most common uses are keeping electronic medical records, transmission of information and tele medicine. Nowadays the consumers are more aware of their health. …

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Changing Food Habits Among School Children

Food Habits Among Children

Modern age has a drastic effect on our lifestyle. Modern lifestyle has changed the food habits especially in school children. Consumption of junk food is common. The word ‘junk’ means useless or worthless. In ordinary language, junk food means packaged or processed food having no or less nutritional value. Junk food includes pizzas, burger, soft drinks, samosas, French fries. Children …

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Extreme Sports and Its Differences and Similarities from the Traditional Sports


Extreme sports are a generalized term used for specific activities that are perceived as having an extreme level of danger while performing those activities. The activities in extreme sports consist of speed, altitude, strenuous physical exertion and very specialized gear. Although the definition of extreme sport has not been fully defined and the origin of these sports are also yet …

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How to Create Happiness in Twelve Steps!


The core of every human endeavour is happiness. Why people get married, why people choose a certain profession, why do people fight for a cause; the answer is happiness, to make the world a better place to live. Happiness cannot be bought; it cannot be learned in schools and colleges. To understand happiness you have to get rid of the …

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