More Than Meets the Eye: 7 Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Healthy


Did you know that 80% of everything you learn is made through our eyes, and what you see accounts for 80% of your memories? In the same vein, 80% of the known vision problems worldwide—including eyesight problems among kids—are preventable and even curable. Needless to say, the so-called “windows to the soul” are a fascinating pair of organs. You would …

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Eye Care: 7 Tips How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy When Traveling


Before traveling, we load up on different ways to care for our bodies. We carry vitamins, prepare medication, and even handle skin concerns with sunscreen and more. However, do we care enough for our eyes as we enjoy our travels? The answer is likely no. Travel can be a problem for people’s eyes, as it forces you to concentrate and …

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