How to become more flexible: stretching exercises and tips to try


Ever picked something off the floor, and when you got back up, your back hurt so bad? If yes, you need to work on your flexibility! Flexibility describes the capacity of your joints and surrounding muscles to move through a specific range of motion with relief and without discomfort. Improving your flexibility is vital, as it will help prevent muscle …

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How To Make Wax Vape Juice The Easy Way


Wax Vaporizer Juice is also known as Wax E-juice or wax wicks. They are basically an alternative to bottled juice that is created from fruits and vegetables instead of ethanol or petroleum. They are easy to create and it does not take too long at all to prepare it. So in this article I am going to look at how …

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How to Beat Overeating Easily


Indulging in unhealthy foods is the favourite past time for most people, everywhere. But considering that two/thirds of the world’s population are overweight, perhaps people enjoy the foods a bit too much. So why can’t we stop ourselves from consuming too much unhealthy, fatty and sugary food? How do we beat overeating? Is there an easy way to beat mindless …

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How To Stay Fit And Healthy During Coronavirus


It may be a challenge to stay fit during the coronavirus, especially if your gym is closed or you don’t have an appropriate place to exercise. But do you know that you can stay fit even during the lockdown? It’s the wrong opinion that you need to stay fit only because of your looks and toned body. Staying fit helps …

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The Future of Fitness: How to Set Up a Home Garage Gym?

Home Garage Gym

Wondering how your New Year resolution of tracking back to a fitter life will come true with the Corona Virus pandemic still at large? Although going to the gym will be a risk or not a possibility anytime soon, and people spending more time inside their houses, the concept of fitness in the garage gym is finally gaining the utmost …

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How to keep your minds healthy amid these testing times

peaceful young female sitting at home in meditative posture

Coronavirus; I know for a fact that by now you hate this word because we have heard this one so much so that personally, my ears hurt, not literally of course. This virus has made huge and much worse changes in our lives, careers, education, and health. Even if we are not infected with the virus, the virus is somewhere …

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6 Common Vision Problems and How to Prevent Them

Male and female ophthalmology doctor

Like most of the things in our life, we tend to take our eyesight for granted. Imagine how our life would be if we had a poor vision or no eyesight at all. We wouldn’t be able to do or see the things we love so much. Therefore, we owe our eyes a favor. To ensure that our eyes are …

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How To Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle During COVID-19?

Heart shape container with healthy vegetables near stethoscope

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the world, claiming about 667,000 lives. While many countries have had some luck in controlling the number of cases, some countries are still struggling to control the pace of COVID-19 spread. Therefore, while it is extremely important to stay quarantined, it is equally important to maintain a healthy lifestyle during COVID-19. Everyone …

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