Quick Healthy Snack Recipes That Kids Can Enjoy


Kids are always curious about the food they eat. Why do I have to eat greens? Why do I have to avoid candies? Why do I have to drink plenty of water? These are some of the many questions that kids usually bombard us with. I am pretty sure all the parents would relate to that. If you have a …

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Healthy Snacking Options for Kids


With so many junk foods in the market, finding healthy vegetarian snacks for kids can be an uphill task. Parents and kids can easily get carried away by ads and high-power media promotions into buying unhealthy processed foods in attractively packaged covers; they are mostly high in fats, low in fiber and mixed with unhealthy chemical-based preservatives. If you have …

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Top Brain Boosting Foods For Kids

Healthy food, children eat fruits and vegetables

The children’s brain grows starting before birth and continues to develop rapidly until the age of 3 and the growth of the brain affects the development of other parts of the body. Therefore it’s important to encourage the child’s brain development. The improper nutrition, exposure to toxins and infections, and the child’s experience with other people can affect the child’s …

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