10 Ways to Stop Feeling Groggy in the Morning


Our whole day’s mood depends on how our morning starts. An energetic morning start makes our day full of vitality and positivity. But having a feeling of grogginess (weakness or laziness) in the morning can spoil our whole day mood and tend to make us lazy in daytime tasks. That’s why it is compulsory to get rid from this groggy feeling in the morning, but how? Let’s see some tips to get rid of it in this article.

Causes of grogginess:

Grogginess mainly occurs due to Sleep inertia which can be defined as impairment between cognitive and sensory motor. It is due to immediate awakening during REM sleep. This occurs when we wake up by alarm but stays absent or when we wake up originally or without alarm.

10 Tips to stop feeling groggy in morning:


1. Don’t watch for snooze

Prevent pressing the snooze button on alarm. Waking up at first alarm avoids the feel of grogginess in the body. When we snooze and go to sleep again, it brings us back into the sleep cycle. This process makes us feel more tired and groggy. Hence, try to wake up at the first attempt when the alarm rings. We can also set our favorite song as a tone of alarm to make it stronger.

2. Take a quick push from bed

Being lazy while waking up is not good as it can disturb our sleep cycles. Taking a quick push out of bed immediately pumps our body with senses which transits our body in wake mode. We usually observe this when we wake up to perform a task, our sleep runs far away.

3. Drink water

We usually don’t drink any fluid overnight which may cause mild dehydration and can give us a feel of tiredness. People should try to drink 2-3 glasses of water before sleep and after waking up. It helps in preventing morning grogginess. Try to drink Luke warm water, it is more beneficial.

4. Unfold window

Open windows after waking up to allow fresh air and sunlight to come into the room. Sunlight rays coming in the room gives us Vitamin D with an addition of fresh air which counteracts the grogginess in the body.

5. Take bath

Taking a bath in the morning stimulates our nervous system and helps us to awake. Splashing cold water on your face gives a smooth and refreshed feeling. It is good if we splash cold water on our face, at least two to three times and dry with a clean towel.

6. Make yourself excited for day

Doing something exciting in the day will make us motivated. If you are fond of eating food then think about eating your favorite food or drinking coffee at your favorite place. This will reduce your grogginess at the time of waking.

7. Stretch body

Stretching the body is also an effective method of avoiding grogginess. We can do Yoga to stretch our body or can do some physical workout for at least half an hour. Exercises like jumping jacks or running will completely stimulate our nervous system. It enhances blood pumping and the flow of oxygen in the body.

8. Have breakfast

Start the day by having some energy boosting breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. Adding slow energy releasing nutrients like fats and proteins is much better than having heavy loaded carbohydrates. Nutritious breakfast makes our day energetic while skipping it may make our day lazy and with low level of energy.

9. Adopt good sleep hygiene

Adopt a good hygienic sleep schedule. Make a proper plan of sleep & waking time. Follow this timetable over the weekend also. It helps in maintaining the body’s proper sleep cycle. Avoid consuming caffeine before at least two hours of sleeping. Also, avoid the use of mobile, laptop, tablets or watching TV at least half an hour before sleep.

10. Do morning work at previous night

Make your mornings easier by preparing for the morning tasks in the previous night. Tasks like choosing clothes to wear, what to cook, etc. can be done at night and should not be kept pending for morning. It makes us feel easier and stress less when we start our day.


All the above given tips revolves around habits of good sleep. Taking a good sleep, eating good food, doing physical workout prevents our body from diseases. Adopting above given natural tips help us to stop feeling groggy and fabricate our day with a wonderful energy. But if someone suffers from serious sleep disorders, he should consult a doctor.

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