12 Ways to Ab Muscles Workout

Have a six-pack stomach is the dream of many men. With six-pack ab muscles, then he would look more athletic, physical health becomes more awake and can certainly improve confidence.

How to Establish Ab Muscle Sixpack, if done appropriately and earnestly would be fruitless. A long time to form a six-pack stomach depending on the condition of your belly. If your stomach is not bloated alias flat, then to build a six-pack does not require a long time, within one month, of course, you can shape in earnest.

To form ab muscles six-pack takes the process of training and hard work. best ab workouts need be done to establish a six-pack stomach, among others successfully:

  • Consistent exercise
  • Keep the diet
  • Provide protein to speed muscle formed

Most importantly, do regularly, do not be a too disorder, if too much then you can stomach muscle injury.

There are different kinds of exercises to shape six-pack stomach. You can also read our article the obstacle/causes of the failure to form a six-pack. Here are the steps and tips to build a six-pack stomach.

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1. Plank

  • The position of the body like pushup
  • Pedestal weight on both hands (from the elbow to the palms)
  • Straighten both legs to the rear
  • Contract your abdominal muscles
  • Do it for 30 seconds

2. Mountain Climber

  • Position your body movements similar to Push-ups
  • Place both palms on the floor
  • Bend your right foot forward
  • Straighten your left leg behind
  • With the rapid exchange position of the right leg and left leg so that your left leg bent forward while the right leg straight back
  • Do this for 30 seconds

3. Spiderman Push Up

  • The position of the body like pushup
  • Pedestal weight on both hands
  • Right knee pulled up to the right elbow hand
  • Return to the starting position
  • Perform alternately for 30 seconds

4. Bicycle Crunch

  • Lie on your back with a straight attitude
  • Hands behind head
  • Both legs lifted slightly upward
  • Left and right legs alternately bent like riding a bicycle
  • Raise a little head and upper body
  • Directed right elbow to your left knee alternately
  • Do it for 30 seconds

5. Bicycle Maneuver

  • Lie on the floor
  • Place both hands beside head
  • Pull the knee 45 degrees
  • Begin movements like pedaling a bicycle
  • Impress the right knee with the left elbow nor vice versa

6. Side Jack Knife

  • Lie down with the body tilted to the left
  • The right-hand holds the head
  • Put your left hand on the chest
  • Lift the right leg up with your body
  • Return to the starting position
  • Repeat a few reps before switching sides
  • Do three sets of 8-10 reps

7. Jack Knife Sit Up

  • Lying straight
  • Straighten arms up, in the back of the head
  • Take a breath
  • Raise the waist while lifting your arms along your legs (up to hands and feet meet the above)
  • exhale
  • Return to the starting position
  • Do it for 30 seconds

8. Hip Extension

  • Lying on his back
  • Both feet resting on a Swiss ball
  • Both arms relaxed at your sides
  • Lift both legs alternately to the top
  • Repeat 10 reps for each leg

9. Hip Raise

  • Lying in the supine position
  • Open arms alongside the body
  • Bend your knees to the top
  • Hips appointed to the top
  • Hold for a while
  • Return to starting position
  • Repeat

10. Curl Up

  • Lie on the floor
  • Curve your knees to bend a 90 degree
  • Feet flat on the floor
  • Straight ahead and lay hands on the floor
  • Lift the body slowly
  • Lower your body slowly

11. Pulse Up

  • Lying in the supine position
  • Put both hands on the side of the body
  • Lift both legs off the floor
  • Bend your knees up to form a right angle
  • Lift both legs straight up
  • Return to starting position
  • Repeat three sets of 10 reps

12. Vertical Leg Crunch

  • Lying on the floor
  • Place both hands behind head
  • Lift and straighten your legs in the air
  • Cross your legs at the knees and bending slightly
  • Lift the body toward your knees

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