6 Important tips for Staying Healthy in the Winter Season

Many people consider the winter season as the season of sickness. During this season, most of the people you meet would be suffering from either cold or flu. It can be a very challenging task to stay healthy when people around you are falling prey to the nasty germs. Although it may be chilly outside, but winter season does not have to be the unhealthiest time of the year for you. You can stay healthy during this season by following these simple tips.

Eat Healthy Food

Foods rich in vitamin C can help in keeping your immune system strong. So try to consume fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C like kiwi, broccoli, capsicum and of course lemons.

It is mostly recommended to have 5 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruits each day. But, if you are not able to do so then try juicing them. Make juice comprising of two-third of vegetables and one-third of fruits. For example, you can make juice of carrot, beetroot, spinach and lemon to boost your immune system. You must also include nuts, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grains in your diet along with lots of spices and herbs. Milk and other dairy products like cheese and yogurt are rich in vitamin A and vitamin B12 as well as proteins. You must increase the daily intake of these products to stay healthy during winters.

Sleep Well

Lack of sleep is likely to affect your immune system negatively, thereby making you susceptible to catching colds. According to a study, lack of sleep can result in reduction of white blood cells in your body. These blood cells help your body in fighting infection and if their number reduces, then your body becomes more vulnerable to diseases. If you work out regularly but do not take enough sleep, then acidic environment will be produced in your body, which, in turn would create breeding ground for germs to take over. Thus, you must take a good sleep of 6 to 8 hours in a day to stay healthy during winters.

Stay Hydrated

During winters, we are likely to drink less amount of water because the cold weather decreases our thirst. Drinking less water is probably not good for your health. You must try to drink at least 2 litres of water each day in order to stay healthy. Sometimes people struggle with plain water during winters. In such cases you can try herbal tea. You need to have fluids in good amount during this season. However, you must stay away from sweetened sports drink or other sugar drinks. This is because, sugary drinks have the ability to spike glucose levels which can suppress immunity over time, thereby making you more vulnerable to flu and cold. To stay well-hydrated, you must drink before you are actually thirsty.

Chill Out

Stress is definitely not good for your immune system. It can drain your immune system and hence your chances of getting sick are increased. Thus, say no to stress and just chill out. A study has proven that people leaving a stressful life were more like to catch cold than those leaving a chilled out life. So include chilling out as another exercise in your workout routine as this would help your body to stay strong.

You need to stay active in order to strengthen your immune system and to stay active you must socialise. Socialising can also help in reducing your stress levels. Thus, staying connected with people can actually help you in staying away from the winter sickness.

Wash hands

People are taught to wash hands before and after meal since their childhood. But washing hands becomes more vital during winters. During winters, you must wash your hands very frequently and not just before and after having meals. This is because, you tend to sneeze and cough a lot during this season. People usually cover their mouth with their hand while sneezing or coughing and this transfers bacteria into their hand. If you will wash your hands regularly, then this would limit the transfer of bacteria and other microbes, thereby preventing sickness. Thus, washing hands frequently is probably one of the best to avoid getting sick as well as spreading illness.

Following these simple tips would make your winter a memorable one. Please let us know you views through comments or articles.

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