Autumn skin care routines: it is a time of transition

Typically, when the seasons change, so does the way your skin behaves. Autumn often causes dynes a general lackluster appearance and breakouts. During the summer, oil flow increases. However, while the oil flow is continuing during fall, there is a buildup of dead skin. This, in turn, causes an accumulation of the bacteria under the skin. The layers of dead skin trap the oils and bacteria under the skin. The result is painful breakouts. Also, your skin will need to be continuously hydrated. This all means that you must have a new skin care routine that will make it easier for you to maintain smooth and healthy looking skin.

It does not mean that you have to change your skin care routine entirely, you just have to change a few things to accommodate the new skin and weather changes.


Change your cleansing routine

For deep cleaning both at night and in the morning, during summer, gels are great. Once the temperatures have cooled down during summer, these tend to have a drying effect on the skin because less oil is being produced. To prevent drying, you need to ensure that the cleansers you use have a non-drying effect on your skin. This could be a sulfate free gel in the morning and a lighter lotion-based cleanser at night. The gel will give your skin a deep cleanse and open the pores up while the lighter cleanser which should be milder will help absorb the makeup within the pores and throughout your skin.

Increase your hydration levels

No one gives as much credit to toners as they deserve. If you have not been using one in your make up processes, it is time you started. When choosing a toner, always ensures that it is alcohol-free. Alcohol-free toners tend to increase your hydration. Hydration is something that your skin will be severely lacking in autumn because the temperatures are cooler than they were during summer. To live, your skin cells require a lot of water. After cleansing, wipe your alcohol free toner over your skin and immediately apply your moisturizer while your skin is still from the hydration ingredients you have used.

Speaking of hydration, you also need to increase your water consumption. It may be tougher considering your body may not seem like it needs as much water as it did during the summer, but it does. It is always a good habit to make sure your take at least two liters of water a day. Your skin will often react to what you choose to feed it. Changing your makeup routine will not be as effective as it should be if you are not eating a balanced diet and taking enough water.

Use a heavier moisturizer

For most skin type during summer, a lighter moisturizer will suffice. Once the weather begins to cool down, your skin will need something much heavier. A heavier moisturizer will help to prevent the loss of moisture from your face. If you have been using a gel moisturizer, now would be a very good time to switch to a lotion. If you have been using cream, you must consider changing it to a moisturizer with consistency such as lipid-rich oils. You may also choose to use oil. The benefit of using oils is that you will only need a few drops to be thoroughly moisturized. On the days when you are feeling more dry than usual, you can custom blend your moisturizers for a fuller coverage.

Protect with SPF

While there does not seem to have as much sun as there was during the summer, most of the UV damage on skin happens during autumn and spring. This is probably because most people tend to think that because the temperatures are cooler, the sun rays are not as harmful. This is however not true. The UV rays responsible for suntans and sunburns may have reduced during these months but those responsible for cancers and wrinkles. Protecting your skin from these UV rays all year round is a full-time job that requires resilience, commitment, and hard work. So ensure that you diligently apply sunscreen lotion to your face, chest and neck and other exposed areas of your body.

Let retinol back to your routine

If you had taken retinol from your day-to-day routine, now is the time go back to it. You can go for a non-prescription retinal from any natural cosmetics store near you. This will help to reduce the appearance of brown spots that are usually an aftermath of the summer wrinkles and lines. Retinol and retinoids are the most scientifically proven ingredients that help to remove the sun damages on the skin.


In addition to changing your skin care routines, you need to ensure that you include a healthy, balanced diet and less alcohol intake. This will give your skin time to adapt to the new weather and the new skincare routine. You also need to ensure that you exfoliate your skin often to prevent breakouts and to reduce the layers of dead cells building up around your pores.

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