Why Should Ayurvedic Treatment for Kidney Failure be the First Choice?

Kidney failure is a severe ailment, and it becomes worse when it becomes Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). This is the last stage of kindly failure that could be fatal without a kidney transplant operation or regular dialysis. In the human body, kidneys are the most adaptable and accommodating organs.

This two bean-shaped organ is located beside the vertebral column and under the ribcage. It is responsible for removing waste from our body by eliminating it through urine and also produces hormones that control the body’s functions like producing red blood cells and regulating blood pressure.

When a kidney fails, the disease starts. There are several factors responsible for it, and the most common are hypertension and diabetes. However, when it comes to treating kidney failures, one of the most effective approaches is the ‘Ayurveda.’

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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an old Hindu medicine practice used to manage various diseases, and kidney failure is no exception. Based on the theory of balancing the body, mind, and soul, it helps achieve good health. Today, Ayurveda has been accepted by various countries across the globe to treat various ailments.

The science behind this practice is to balance three body types or doshas – Pitta, Vata, and Kapha. If any of these doshas are imbalanced, Ayurveda experts recommend the best treatment and integrate yoga to align the doshas in the body. When it comes to Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure, there are a few herbs used. These herbs help the kidneys improve their functionalities and restore the filtration capacity.

Types of Ayurveda Herbs used for treating Kidney Failure

Ayurveda uses some effective herbs that eliminate the need for dialysis and kidney failure. Below are the names of herbs that help you in Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure


This herb maintains the fluids level in the cell, helping in the healthy urine flow. When you use this medicine regularly, it will treat kidney failure and revitalize your entire body. It comes with anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling in the joints and feet.


Another herb effective to treat kidney failure is Kaasni. This is one of the most effective medications to treat and manage all kinds of kidney problems. Anyone with kidney failure due to the respiratory system should use this herb for effective results.


If you are looking for an Ayurvedic herb that can treat kidney failure from its roots, Varun has got you covered! This powerful herb also helps remove kidney stones by deactivating the glycolate oxidase enzyme and decreasing oxalate development in the body.


For treating urinary problems caused by urinary discharges and renal infections due to kidney failure, Gokshur herb is effective.


This Ayurvedic herb is quite powerful to treat and improve kidneys’ functioning and reduce symptoms of kidney failure.

Common Causes of Kidney Failure

Kidney failure can result from various causes or conditions. It is important to know which conditions make you prone to kidney failure. The most common are:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Overuse of some over-the-counter painkillers like steroids and ibuprofen
  • Taking drugs like heroin

There are five kidney failure stages—around 90% of kidney functions lost in the last stage. Urine and blood tests tell the actual condition of the kidney.

Why should Ayurvedic Treatment for Kidney Failure be your First Choice?

According to Ayurveda, kidney failure is due to the blockage of certain body channels known as Srotas. These are responsible for liquid flow into and outside the kidney. If specific blockages occur in the incoming channels, the kidney denies fluid intake, resulting in shrinkage. If it happens in outgoing channels, the kidney suffers from swelling.

Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure restores the damaged kidney cells as well. Also, this treatment is quite effective in treating all stages of renal problems.

Ayurvedic Kidney Management

In Ayurveda, Kidneys are known as Vrikka made by the Medha Dhatu (fat tissue) and Rakta (blood). Vrikka is the root or source of Medovaha Srotas. Any ailment related to fat and blood can affect the kidneys functioning, for instance, diabetes. When the Kapha dosha restricts the Mutravaha Srotas (urinary channels), Vata dosha increases simultaneously. This can affect urine production, causing tissue degeneration that leads to kidney failures or malfunctioning of the kidneys.

Any problem in the kidneys may result in fatigue, loss of appetite, muscle twitches, vomiting, weakness, fatigue, cramps, puffiness on the face, shortness of breath, continued itching, and more.

Ayurveda uses effective and safe herbs for the better functioning of the kidney and also helps avoid dialysis. These herbs aim to normalize the unbalanced doshas, restoring kidney functions and strengthening them. It is important to get the treatment as soon as possible to know about any minor kidney problem.

Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Kidney Failure

According to Ayurveda, there are various treatment plans made for the treatment of Chronic Kidney failure. Ranging from Mild Virechan to Vasti Chikitsa, these treatments are as per the condition of the patient. While treating kidney disease, strict dietary guidelines one should follow. The combination of various medicines with a proper diet regimen helps in treating the kidney conditions. Some of these medications are Shilajeet, Rasayan Churna, Gokshuradi Guggulu, Chandra Prabha Vati, and more. Rasayan treatment is one of the most potent treatments used to treat Chronic kidney disease by generating the nephrons.

Get Immediate Attention from Ayurvedic Expert

When diagnosed, it is wise to contact an Ayurveda practitioner immediately to avoid any complications. However, make sure to take prescribed medicine from a professional Ayurvedic physician. You should never buy medicines over the counter or never self-medicate yourself.

Your kidney requires immense care when it encounters any problem. So, contact a reliable and certified Ayurvedic practitioner who can prescribe your medicines to eliminate toxins from your body and help improve your kidney’s health.

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