Fitness Fashion Hacks to Look Smokin’ Hot Even at the Gym

You must have come across a few head-spinning Latinas at the gym with impossibly cute outfits, perfect hair, and dolled up faces. Then, looking at your own self, we know, you often wonder how these girls always manage to put together so well.

This is the reason why we thought of disclosing the secrets of fitness fashion to you. So we jot down a list of creative hacks that can help you look smokin’ hot, even at the gym.

But first, let’s talk about the benefits of looking good at the gym.

Heading to a workout session in a ratty t-shirt, loose pants, and dirty old shoes reduces one’s confidence and zeal to train. Looking fabulous, even at the gym, is beneficial for one’s performance, health and peace of mind.

Shapeless gear is the first off-putting thing to hold back a fashion diva from hitting the gym. Also, there’s nothing wrong with ‘dressing up’ even for a workout. Fitness clothing that is trendy and fashionable boosts the confidence, elevating the performance significantly. As you no longer have to worry about how you look, you can fully concentrate on your form and posture, which will also skyrocket the results of your efforts.

Now the Hacks…

There are a plethora of options for workout bottoms, tops, and accessories for women who stress about fashion even while sweating at the gym (just like me). Especially, the online fitness clothing and accessories marketplace is full of innovative designs and concepts that are hard to resist.


Your safest bet would be to include a pair of fitted, black cropped workout pants as they are versatile and can be paired up with literally anything. You can also experiment with mesh inserts, subtle animal prints, and neon brights to truly stand out and stay high on trend.


Buy patterned or glowing, printed shorts instead of the basic ones to cast a stylish spell. You can also go an extra mile and layer them both for a totally elevated lo rok! Wear neon tight shorts under a basic flowy pair, and let the neons peek out. It is not just stylish but also very shielding for when you do your floor workouts.


Invest in bright colored sports bras. Designs and neons peeking out of basic tanks will add to the hotness quotient. If you are stocking up on printed, patterned, or brightly colored bottoms and bras, keep your tops subtle and basic.


Enough of your simple ponytails and knots! Try a fishtail braid or a French one instead to look out of the basic league. You can also tie them high up in a messy bun. Also, take out the time to tame those little strands with a hairspray and add finishing touches with a matching hair tie or a stretchy cloth hair tie. It’s the little things that speak louder! And if you want to spin a few heads, try an undercut. It will help you stand out even without trying.


Sure you can buy an interesting pair online but so can everybody else. Rather, today, it’s harder to find a boring pair, to be honest. So to make a shoe statement at the gym, buy some different colored laces. Learn different ways to tie them and keep matching your laces with your outfits for a stylish look head to toe.


Investing in slick phone holders, wacky earphones, colorful bottles, wristbands, and workout trackers etc. will also add up to your hotness quotient.

Hopefully, these hacks will give you some fitness fashion inspiration! Now surf through the online stores and grab some awesome, high-on-style athletic clothing pieces and get started on your own fashionable journey to fitness!

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Tamara Burr is a fitness enthusiast herself. She loves to read, travel, and create informative blogs for and about tough women. She advocates a healthy lifestyle and stresses upon the need to exercise and train in all her posts. She encourages women to perfect themselves through her motivational posts that talk volumes about the need and significance of staying fit. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter for more such amazing posts!

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