Guide To Take Care Of Contact Lenses

Many people have severe problem in their eyesight. They cannot see things or have an accurate perception of speed, depth, and angles making daily life difficult, and rectification is done with the help of proper correct lens. Eyes being the most sensitive and the most important organ in our body, it is very important for us to keep our eyes in good condition.

Some people do not like to wear glasses as they think that wearing glasses hampers their look or interferes with their work, so contact lenses are the best option.

Here Are Some Important Fact About Contact Lenses


Contact lens is one of the finest inventions done by swish physician Fick in the year 1887. But the lens was made with glasses which were very much uncomfortable and since the lens was made with glasses it is very much dangerous to use. But as time passes and the technology improved, a lens made with plastic was invented in 1938 and with the advanced technology, the lens was improved and made with silicone in 1950 which was able to cover the whole eye and gives the best vision without posing any threat to the tissues of the cornea.

What Are The Types Of Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses with time are improved and made to be able to be used by the people. The different types of contact lenses aim to work for people with different requirements, and are as follows:

  • The Rigid Contact Lens: It is invented after a glass contact lens and it is still considered as the primitive contact lenses. It was made with hard plastic and it was also very much uncomfortable for the eyes as it does not allow oxygen to pass through.
  • The Soft Contact Lens: It was invented right after the drawback of the rigid contact lenses. It was made up of hydroxyethyl methacrylate or HEMA. It is very flexible and helps to absorb water. As the lens is very suitable for the eyes as it was able to take up the shape of the eye it is much better than the rigid lens.
  • The Contact Lens Made Of Silicon: It is one of the advanced contact lenses and it is the most used contact lenses in this century. As the contact lens is made of silicone it is good for the eye and helps to protect the eye along with correcting the eyesight. It allows much more oxygen flow than the other lenses and regarded as one of the best lenses.

Tips To Take Proper Care Of Contact Lenses

Using contact lenses, it one of the best choices, but as we use something you must keep the thing in good condition so that we can use it for a longer period. Like that it is very much necessary to take proper care of the contact lenses. Here are some of the tips that will help you take proper care of your lenses:

  • Before wearing or taking out the contact lens you should wash and dry your hands properly
  • While you are handling contact lenses it is important to use your fingertips and not fingernails.
  • You should dry your hands with a lint-free towel
  • If you are wearing contact lenses and using soap, the soap should be free from oil, perfumes, or lotions
  • You need to keep in mind the timeframe for changing your contact lenses so that your eyes are not subjected to itching and tiredness

Contact lenses have proved to be the most efficient things which can help improve your eyesight. It is not only used to improve eyesight, but it is also used in the cosmetic world as the lenses are available in different colors. Thus, it is one of the major inventions of the century.

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