Healing Time and Aftercare for a Lip Piercing

Lip piercing is the piercing on your lower lip or the upper lip. It is a kind of piercing that penetrates the lips and even the immediate surroundings like the philtrum. One of the primary reasons for the popularity of this piercing is the different style options available in this category. Also, people like going for this piercing because they get several ways of customizing the piercings. Before understanding the healing time and aftercare for a lip piercing, it is necessary to get an idea of the placements in this category.

The Placement of a Lip Piercing

In lip piercing, there is no placement better than the other. Nevertheless, there might be one placement that will better suit your style than some other placement.

  • First, the labret is done underneath the bottom lip right at the center. However, it can even exit out of the center of the bottom lip. Labret hoops are specifically designed for such piercings.
  • Then there is Medusa or philtrum, which is right in the middle of the indentation below the nostrils. Medusa piercing jewelry includes studs and hoops of different varieties.
  • Next, you can go for side-lip piercings depending on the side of the face you would like to highlight.

So, different styles are here to choose from if you want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your face and your entire appearance.


Healing Time for Lip Piercing

The pain caused by lip piercing hurts but is tolerable. Like all the other body piercings, the healing time for a lip piercing is quick. Considering the sensitive nature of the placement of a lip piercing, you should be extra careful not to bite or snag or move or bump the jewelry in the piercing accidentally. Such friction will not just extend the healing time but will also result in unwanted added discomfort.

Speaking of the healing time for a lip piercing, it is around two to three months, depending on what procedures you use for healing and the type of body you possess. Since you talk, drink and eat with your mouth, the lips are included, and thus the healing time will be quite tough for you. You are healing a fistula or scar tissue around lip jewelry.

Therefore, lip piercing takes a long time to heal. Your body will be sealing off the exterior, so bacteria prevention is done, but the inward healing will take quite some time.

Aftercare for Lip Piercing

Just as is the case with any piercing, you must follow some crucial steps to ensure the areas remain clean and prevent infection at the same time. Regardless of whether you are going for diamond lip rings or gold or silver lip studs, some steps you need to follow in the aftercare procedure. These include:

  • Use an alcohol-based mouthwash at least three to five times during the day for flushing the internal areas of the piercing.
  • Using a sterile saline wound washing product regularly will irritate the piercing site and heal the piercing externally.
  • Protect the piercing from any trauma while brushing and flossing your teeth gently regularly to avoid snagging or banging.
  • Avoid touching the piercing too often as it might result in irritation and pain.


Though the healing time for a lip piercing is quite long, you can reduce the time and have a great-looking piercing easily with proper aftercare. Patience is the key here. And do not forget that a consistent and effective aftercare routine will always help you out.

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