Home Remedies for Hair Loss in Women

Are you losing hair? That can be quite the scary experience. You don’t need to worry, though – the world isn’t ending anytime soon. There are ways for you to treat your hair loss at home without exposing yourself to dangerous creams and chemicals. All you need to do is follow the right advice. Of course, there may be times when the prescribed medicine for hair loss treatment works. In times like these, you must always follow the instructions of your doctor or other medical care provider. Here are some useful home remedies for hair loss that you can use if you aren’t ready to see a doctor yet.


Keep Your Blood Flowing in Your Head

One of the biggest reasons why you are losing hair is that you aren’t getting enough blood and oxygen to the hair cells in your scalp. Getting blood to your scalp and keeping it flowing through it is very important to improving your hair loss condition. Without blood, there won’t be any oxygen reaching your hair cells, which makes them shrivel up and die. This is why you lose hair more often than normal. To keep your body going strong, you have to keep your circulation up. One great way to do this is to give your scalp regular, frequent massages. Massaging it stimulates your blood vessels to expand and bring more blood to your hair cells.

Now, treating your hair loss with massages does have its limitations. You can’t expect a rigorous massage to cure your hair fall if you’re suffering from thinner hair too. Thinner hair can be caused by a number of conditions usually related to nutrition. You know you have thinning hair when your hairline begins to thin out and when your hair breaks off in your hands in clumps. You don’t want this to affect your life more than it does right now, which is why you should get your hands off the massages if you see clumps of hair break off at once.

Iron and Vitamin Deficiencies – Take Your Vitamins

This counts as a home remedy because most iron and vitamin-rich products can be found in the diet. You can also buy many of these as supplements as a pharmacy. They don’t contain anything other than natural components, so you aren’t putting yourself at risk. Iron deficiency is also called anemia. It can lead to fewer blood cells being in your blood than normal. This causes less oxygen to be delivered to your hair cells. Taking iron supplements allows your body to keep producing the cells it needs to keep your hair healthy and alive. Other vitamins your hair needs to be strong and voluminous include Vitamin B (biotin). Taking biotin pills is another great way to improve your hair growth rate.

Essential Oils and Extracts

These are all-natural extracts of common household plants and rarer flora. You should approach these with caution, as some essential oils are quite dangerous if you ingest them. Keep them out of the reach of children. That said, Rosemary, Saw Palmetto, Emu Oil, and Jojoba Oil are common examples of great essential oils to rub topically onto your bald spots. If you don’t have bald spots, you can rub them on the places where you have noticed your hair thinning the most.

Many of these remedies help your body make the hormones it needs to keep your hair healthy. They do this in natural ways as opposed to the more drastic action a chemical would take. Both are equally effective, but one can make you feel far more comfortable than the other. Know which ones works for you and help your hair grow back in no time at all.

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