How to make killer abs with these easy exercises

No magical medicine or any abracadabra will help you to build heroic abs, other than intense workouts, special exercises with determination. Once you start seeing the results, your heart will ask for more.


Spread an exercise mat on a clean surface. Lay down still straight, holding weights in your hands. It seems ridiculous to do it for the sake of quick and desired results. In case of any difficulty with them, you can perform it without weights. This requires some extra workout for upper limbs. The right way to perform this is to bring your left hand bearing weight near your right shin while holding the breath while keeping your balance on the tailbone. If you aren’t comfortable enough, you can transfer some weight on the elbow. It will serve as a guide. After performing this rest for a while and perform the same procedure on the other side. For better results bend and stretch your thighs during this process. Repeat the steps at least 30 times alternately, with proper inhaling and exhaling.

Muscular man showing six pack abs

Bird-Dog Crunches

It is not a matter of twenty-four hours. You have to keep working with patience, as slow and steady always wins the race. Bird-Dog crunches are suitable exercise for the activation of core muscles. Once they activate, you will feel no pain while doing it.

For this put your hands and knees on the clean mat surface, with your hands right under the shoulders. What you have to do next is to stretch your left arm right in the direction of your shoulder. At the same time bend and straighten your right leg. Rest for a while and repeat the process with your left leg and right arm. Perform this five times with each arm. Your body must be straight during this whole process.


Put your hands on the exercise mat and lift your body over it. Stretch your legs maximum of your hips. Bring your knees 4 inches up like you are climbing a mountain. Come back you’re your original position. You must make your sure that your core muscles are composed through the whole process with your bellybutton in. Repeat the process for fifteen times.

Sit ups

The most suitable exercise for building your abs is sit-ups, but if done properly. If done the wrong way pain and cramps are to be suffered. Lay down on an exercise mat or a sit up bench.

Bring your knees up with the toes on the mat. To keep the shoulders in a comfortable position, keep your hands on the neck. After this rest for a while laying down and then repeat the process. Continue the sit up for one minute. Repeat the process for at least five times having 1-minute rest after each sit up.


C-curve exercise helps you to release the tension that usual ab workouts give. This keeps your lower back in a comfortable position. This C-curve exercise works as a remedy for glide work exercise. So it is advisable that you must perform C-curve just after glide work so that you may not suffer from any pain.

For performing this exercise press a pillow, a ball or a piece of soft cloth in your thighs while sitting on your tailbone, just like you are going to perform a sit up. It is of the opinion that whenever you press something between your thighs, it works on your lower abdomen. While doing this keep your body on your elbows and make sure that this continues during the whole exercise procedure. Bring your body in the form of a semicircle while stretching a little bit, while folding your tailbone. Keep your lower back on the mat. Bring your elbows near the thighs and keep the elbows on the back of them. While maintaining the C-curve position your elbows must be widened, shoulders should be down with open chin.

At this step lift some weights, not too heavy. Cans can easily serve the purpose here. Keep your arms by the knees. For tapping the ground bring your arms in a lower position and then get back into the original position. Keep your body in C-curve position for at least one and a half minute. This exercise is based entirely on the correct and proper movement of your arms. Bicep curls also work as an alternative, stay focused and tune yourself into the building of your abs.

Glute Bridge March

Lay down on your back on an exercise mat, fold your knees in such a position that your whole feet completely touch the mat. Lay your arms on the mat and keep the palms up at shoulder height. Uplift your hips in a way that a straight line is obtained between your knees and shoulders. Hold your breath and bring your right knee near your chest. Maintain this for two seconds and then bring your right foot down. Perform the same exercise with the left leg. In this way, you are done with one step. Perform this for at least fifteen times.

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