How To Prioritize Health with Busy Schedule

Sometimes, over committed students may find it challenging to ensure they are following the right lifestyle routine. It’s a common reality that faces youth today. It’s easier for them to order lunch from a restaurant and go back for some more sleep up to the last possible minute if they are constantly stressed and overloaded. Planning ingredients, moving in between destinations or office, cutting fats, sugars and carbohydrates and physical exercise even during the times of huge workloads are the necessary elements of fit and healthy life.

Let’s begin with the most necessary elements to manage with the busy schedule…

Better Sleep

One of the real threats of sticking to a busy schedule is lack or bad sleep quality. Sound sleep is extremely important for health. The quality sleep that you get will often inform how well you will perform on the tasks that you do when you are awake. With the consistent sleep deprivation, the human body becomes a home to confusing diseases like obesity, depression, heart disease, kidney disease and stroke.

Along with this, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI 2022) maintains that sleep deprivation may lead to impairment of your mental health and hence, students are more prone to serious injuries. So, prioritize your sound sleep. This will surely prove to be a very healthy activity and you will be able to wake up fully rested.

Stay Hydrated

As you rush to meet your daily obligations and schedule the next errand, it is very easy to miss lunch and breakfast or even vital – water, which you need more. The human body continuously performs various functions which once again rely on water. In 2013 a study analysis that even mild dehydration of 1-2% can already affect one’s cognitive performance. If we are referring to Harvard Health, it implies that healthy people are expected to drink four to six cups of water on a daily basis. On the one hand, it is not recommended to drink waters in a row. Attempt to have a little in multiple sips over time, rather than drinking a large quantity all at once.

The good news is that there are numerous ways of how you can track your water consumption – it can be done via a mobile app that sends you reminders, or you can have a bottle with markings to show you how you are doing. However, hydrated individual possess a healthy mindset just because of properly clean of toxins from the body.

Eat Healthily

This is by far, much less any of us has gone along with dieticians, nutritionists and researchers on good dietary habits. On another hand, the only problem when you’re busy is that you eat dirty foods. Time pressure may result in you picking the 1st and easiest thing for you which is probably not what is best for you at that moment. What is at stake here is the entire opposite way of eating, eating leads to not eating or skipping meals.

Incorporating a meal plan into your healthy diet or maybe going food shopping, and preparing everything for the week during the weekend would be of great help to you to get rid of your bad eating habits before they become a part of your diet and not give you enough time to plan your day. A healthy diet assist a healthy mindset.


There are two things our bodies rely on: movement and happiness. A good example is that you may get your back all bent up and this can affect your health too. In the work place, I should take short breaks now and then and maybe walk around a bit or even do some stretching exercises. In such way, it would be easier for me to feel more flexible.

According to the CDC, exercise of a magnitude of 150 minutes per week should be carried out by adults aged 18-65+ as well as muscle-strengthening activities twice per week. Therefore, in addition to exercises that focus on muscle strength and flexibility, the older participants should also include balancing activities in their routine (CDC, 2021).


People may find it difficult to meditate especially when they have a lot of obligations and busy schedules. It may be hard to catch a break, but by making a little time to enjoy with our emotions and thoughts, we can compensate for the chaos. Sometimes you might even find some tiny amount of peace. But what is coming next might not be an easy task that would be possible to carry out.

It’s also reported that just few minutes of mindfulness or meditation can play very effective roles for those who got depression, specific stress and bad sleep. All kinds of materials are available online that support in selecting what kind of mindfulness you want. What I mean here is pranayama, yoga, music, prayer, meditation, and different apps that help to have a good night sleep.


Life is too short to waste. Just gives yourself a right direction & add some habits in your regular routine to face the challenges with mental satisfaction. Because a real happiness has not special surroundings infect, it’s the mental escape from the mess.

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