6 Reasons Why You Must Consume Pineapple During This Winter

Every fruit and vegetable has its own health benefits to offer for keeping you fit and help you lead a disease-free life. With an abundance of options available in the market, today will be discussing about the sweet and subtly sharp – Pineapple. Packed with antioxidants, fibre, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, and other energizing agents, we can call them fine-apples because they are oh-so-fine!

Talking about the current weather, it has become quite uncertain. Sometimes it’s windy other times its hot and when the sun sets it gets cold again. The unpredictable weather has taken a toll on people’s health. Many people have come under the impact of season changing related illnesses. But since we are here, you don’t need to fret about it!

We did a little research, conducted a few experiments for real, and come across with 6 wonderful amazing reasons to consume Pineapple to stay protected from any disease and maintain overall well-being before we say final goodbye to the cold days of the year.

Keep reading to discover some of the many wonderful reasons to include this tropical fruit in your diet!

1. Keeps You Hydrated

Regardless of the temperature or weather per se, hydration is essential for the proper functioning of the system. Cold-weather dehydration does exist which can lead to headaches, lack of energy, dry skin, problems in concentrating on work, dry mouth etc.

Yep, we do understand that it is difficult to keep hydration up and we feel less thirsty in winter. On that note, drinking pineapple juices makes an awesome choice. The presence of fibre, water, and antioxidants in Pineapple can help to maintain your electrolyte balance in the body that too with a taste that is sweet and sour at the same time. If you struggle to stay hydrated in winter, aim for other healthy beverages which serve the same purpose like fresh juices, coconut water, lemon: honey: ginger tea or buttermilk

2. Common Cold And Cough Relief

Irritation in the nose and throat is one of the major health problems in the current season. And that’s exactly why we recommend you to eat pineapples. For those of you who don’t know, there is an anti-inflammatory enzyme called “Bromelain” present in the sweet and sour pineapples which fights off infections and gives relief from common cold and cough. So, slice ‘em up or add honey, salt, and pepper in freshly pressed Pineapple juice for a refreshingly delicious taste and get a natural boost to strengthen gut health.

3. Enhance Skin Health

The other common problem that most of us face during the cold days of the year is that our skin seems to get drier and flakier. The cold and harsh winter winds and low humidity level harms our skin health and make it look less radiant. Thanks to the vitamin C loaded in Pineapple which is responsible to improve skin healthy by accelerating the production of collagen. Drink plenty of water and add a lot of seasonal green leafy produce to keep your skin healthy and glowing naturally. You can also apply the pineapple pulp on skin as a DIY face pack for flawless skin.

4. Aids Weight Loss

Staying in warm blankets and eating food while watching Netflix is something that we are all guilty of. The cozy days make us lazier to get out of bed and workout and that’s why many of us face rapid weight gain. The good thing is that pineapple can help to get rid of unwanted weight too! Pineapple makes a good snaking option if you’re on your weight loss journey since they are low in calories and high in fibre. According to healthshots, one slice of One slice of pineapple has only 42 calories, out of which just four per cent is carbs Whether it’s sugar cravings or hunger pangs, pineapples also make a great choice because it doesn’t contain saturated fats.

Disclaimer: Fruits and vegetables don’t directly cause weight loss, however they make a good choice to include in diet and satiate your hunger without compromising on health goals.

5. Treats Indigestion

Continuous exposure to cold temperatures can slow down our metabolism and interfere our bowel movements which can also result in stomach pain and cramps. It is said that as the temperature drops down the digestive enzymes work less efficiently. If you’re facing this persistent problem, pineapple will be a great addition to a part of your balanced diet. As we mentioned above, Pineapple constitutes Bromelain, this important enzyme upholds the property to hold inflammation and provides relief from constipation.

6. Boost Heart Health

We Indians are at higher risk of heart attacks including the youngsters because of our dietary habits, says an article published by Economictimes. We don’t mean to stress you, but we definitely want to remind you to add such foods to your diet throughout the year to give a natural boost to your heart health. Adding pineapple is an excellent choice for this reason as they are high in manganese, vitamin C, and bromelain which altogether contribute to blood circulation and cut down on LDL or “bad” cholesterol levels thus eventually support heart health

Final Thoughts

The above health benefits are enough to include Pineapples in your diet. You can also use it as a topping in oatmeal, desserts, fresh pineapple juices or try delicious Pineapple raita at home that you can enjoy with your regular healthy homely meals. There are many healthy opportunities to use the pineapple flavour in your food. Choose what suits your taste bud and you’re all set.

Don’t forget to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables so that your body doesn’t lack any nutrients. Combine it with a regular workout and you’re good to go to effectively fight off any seasonal illness and of course to stay healthy.

Always remember moderation is key and excess of everything is harmful to our health.

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