How to overcome mental health challenges during online classes


All of us were acquainted with offline learning. We followed it for years and were comfortable learning new concepts in a classroom environment along with the company of our peers. But, as we evolved and life progressed, the conventional offline learning form became unfit for the equation it had been a part of for so long. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak …

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Tips To Boost Your Mental Health


Life can be quite difficult at times. Other times, the chaotic nature of daily life simply overwhelms you. It may be accompanied by stress, fear, depression, or anxiety, all of which can have a very harmful impact on your mental health. Managing your emotions and dealing with the challenges we face is a vital aspect of keeping your general health …

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How to Support Mental Health During and After Pregnancy


Becoming pregnant and delivering a healthy baby is a blessing that many women live to enjoy. Cute little fingers and toes, beautiful eyes, and toothless smiles are some of the things mothers treasure. However, this big life event (pregnancy) comes with a roller-coaster of emotions at different stages. The typical response when you ask for mental health support from friends …

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6 Foods That Boost Mental Health

Mental Health Matters iPad Lettering Quote

Generally, we all tend to focus on foods containing fewer calories, gearing towards losing weight, it’s equally important to focus on our brain too. The brain is the epicenter of the body. It commands the organs to function well. Hence, it’s vital to integrate a few healthy things into the diet, to nourish the brain and keep cognitive diseases at …

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How to Have a Better Mental Health After a Traumatic Car Accident


People often ignore treating emotional injuries or trauma after a car accident. They think that it will go away with time. It does, but only when you treat it. It is very traumatic to suffer just because of the negligence of someone else even if it is a minor one. Never neglect your emotional and mental health after the accident. …

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How Pandemic Has Harmed Mental Health Of Teens


The COVID-19 pandemic has denoted our living through many of the disasters, including financial and disease-related problems, all in one. These crises have made a significant impact on our mental and physical health. Covid crisis has taken a psychological toll on all ages of people. In these challenging times, we all suffer from other problems too, but the best part …

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