Mental Health: Here’s how you should Deal with Other People’s Bad Mood

A good day can become exhausting if you are being around with someone who is in the worst mood.The sadness, frustration,anxiety of the other person can make you feel stressed, depressed, and cranky.

It can impact your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being if you don’t know how to handle these daily life challenges. Not only it will make you even more irritable but it can affect your relationships as well be it with your spouse, friend, parents, or boss.

On the contrary, those who practice to handle other people’s bad mood or emotions can safeguard their own health from being negatively affected.

Well, I am not a therapist however I have cultivated some skills in recent years to not let anyone affect my mood whilst helping out another person to overcome bad feelings and keep cool.

Keep reading to know such ways and try out the next time you find yourself amidst such situations. Hope it helps!

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Be a Good Listener

When someone is discussing a sensitive topic, going through tough times, or sharing their concerns with you, they don’t need to be always asking for advice or help. Sometimes a person gets relieved and feels much better by showing their difficult side to someone.

If someone has trusted you, it should be your responsibility to empathize with them and understand the actual reason behind their irritable or grumpy behaviour. Maybe they just want to be heard, valued, and loved. Don’t be a problem solver rather start becoming a good listener.

Give Some Space

This advice actually helped me to effectively handle many situations without losing my cool. Honestly, things don’t work out if the other person is not ready to talk about it. Don’t force them to do so. Rather give them their personal space. It really helps in strengthening relationships.

But, remember your well-being is also very important. If you don’t want to talk then let the other person know that it’s not the right time. Don’t ignore them. Just ask for some time so that you can manage your emotions more healthily and indulge in something that makes you smile.

Let it Go

“Ignorance is bliss”

I am sure many of you must have heard about this famous idiom. But, have you applied in your real life? If not, then you should. Know why?

You can’t control everyone and their emotions. Let’s say your boss is pissed off but that doesn’t mean you have to stress yourself too? Listen to them and then let it go. Don’t overreact. Try to sort it out if this behaviour continues for long.

Ignoring negativity around you can help you to achieve a positive mindset and boost your mood as well. Neither you can’t control the behaviour of others towards you nor can you ask them to behave nicely every time. You’re accountable for your emotions so take a break and let go of everything that affects you.

Follow an Active Lifestyle

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a great way to introduce your mind towards positive thinking. A positive attitude can help you to cope with every situation easily. It helps in overcoming the obstacles and definitely a stepping stone to success.

Indulge in mindful activities like yoga and meditation to relieve any stress and attain a peaceful mindset. Eat a healthy diet filled with dark green leafy veggies, fruits, whole-grains, nuts, seeds, fresh juices, yogurt, that may help you to boost your mind and stay optimistic. Keep calm and make positive lifestyle changes.

Acknowledge Their Emotions

You never know what someone is going through until you have had similar experiences. We often become judgmental or feel irritable because of someone’s unpleasant behavior. But, we usually don’t realize what is causing them to feel such type of way.

Before you overreact, put yourself in their shoes and remember how it felt like while you were going through such unfortunate circumstances. You will then be able to understand their emotions and deal with them more powerfully.

Cheer Them Up

For someone who is hurting, the best thing you can do for them is to make them smile. Give them a bear hug, cook something special for them, send a thoughtful text, or go for a walk with them. It’s so simple. You can use your positivity to create a happy and healthy ambience.

Show them that are being cared and loved. Support them and make them believe that everything will be fine soon. It is always nice to help someone when they are low key sad.

Final Thoughts

Like most of you, i also get to hear a lot of people’s problems and rants regularly at my office and even sometimes at home but, the reality is nothing can affect my mood unless I allow them to do so. We all are accountable for our emotions, mood or energy. Nobody can drag you down if you have self-control.

Besides that, you should always respectfully deal with other people’s bad mood to save your relationships with them either personally or professionally.It is incredibly important to practice specific skills so that you don’t end up on overreacts on someone else’s emotions.

Hope these advice’s are helpful for you to understand and acknowledge their emotions as well as of yours.

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