Dentist Approved Foods That Clean Your Teeth Naturally


Gum disease and tooth decay can occur in your mouth because of bacteria which feed on sugary foods or the starchy foods that you eat. Your diet plays a major role in keeping your teeth healthy. If you think that your teeth will stay healthy forever only by regularly flossing and brushing then you are not 100 % right. In …

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Fight Coronavirus: 10 Tips to Boost Your Immunity Naturally

Covid coronavirus in real 3d illustration concept

Like any other defence mechanism, our body has its security system that keeps all the unwanted guest out of our smooth working. Since we know that there is no proven cure for the ongoing COVID-19 virus. It is novel and spreads quite fast. The only measure provided by the government and the authorities is to keep prevention from the infection. …

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How To Pass A Urine Drug Test Naturally


In as much as many people are usually against drug testing, well, in some company it is a policy that must be followed, especially when you want to apply for a position that deals with machineries. Also, when your manager starts to doubt your ability to perform efficiently, you might find yourself being put on probation and some of the …

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