Take Care of Your Eyes While You Are Young to Live a Successful Life

Are You In Your 20s or 30s?

Unlimited opportunities and challenges await you. Any nation or community thrives on its youngsters only. Therefore, it becomes crucial that you keep yourself in good health.

When you hear good health, everything comes into your mind but not your eyes. Young brigade is concerned about their weight, bone health, mental health and many others. Sadly they take their eyesight for granted. For all your outstanding achievements to follow, you must take care of your eye health.

Let me give you some tips on how to take care of eyes:


Healthy & Nutritious Food

Are you tired of hearing the same advice again and again? But a nutritious diet is crucial for every aspect of your health. In the case of eye health, vitamins and antioxidants play a pivotal role.

Eat lots of green vegetables, fish, eggs, nuts, citrus fruits and other protein and vitamin-rich foods.

No Smoking Please!

Yes! One more reason not to smoke. Smoking stresses your eyes. It is known as oxidative stress. It can lead to early eye fatigue than usual.

Sun Protection

Do you know what UV rays can do to your eyes? It can trigger vision loss, macular degeneration and even cataract. Every year 3.2 billion suffer vision loss due to overexposure to the sun.

You can avoid all these problems by wearing UV light protection glasses, also known as sunglasses. Flaunt them as your style statement. At the same time, save your two precious assets.

Sleep Is The Best Medicine!

I can’t stress enough on the importance of a good night’s sleep. Every cell of your body recovers and rejuvenates during your sleep. Deep sleep for sufficient amount of time can do wonders for your skin, hair, and eyes.

Digital Eye Strain

Young people need to work on screens extensively. They blink less while doing so. This puts us at risk of digital eye syndrome, which is a cluster of different problems. Dry eyes, itching in eyes, blurred vision to name some.

To protect your eyes, do the following while working on screen:

  1. Keep blinking
  2. Take a break of 5 minutes after every 30 minutes and
  3. Follow the 20:20:20 rule – Look 20 feet away after every 20 minutes for at least 20 seconds.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses came with a kind of convenience which often makes you forgot about the care they need. Nope, you can’t clean them with your saliva or water. They come with a unique cleaning solution. Use that only. Don’t go swimming, showering or in a hot bathtub with them on your eyes. And certainly don’t sleep in them. Follow all the direction provided by your doctor and the manufacturing company.


I have tried to protect the eyes of the future of this country through this article. I hope you are now aware of how to take care of your eyes when you are young. While doing all this regularly, do not forget to schedule an eye exam at regular intervals.

Author Bio:

Aaron Barriga is the online marketing manager for Insight Vision Center, eye care center, Fresno. With a knack for understanding medical procedures, and an interest in eye and vision health, Aaron loves to share what he knows and what he learns. He blogs to inform readers about the latest eye care technology and other topics related to eye care, especially LASIK. Aaron loves collecting coasters from the different bars and restaurants he visits during his travels.

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