The 9 Best Alcoholic Drinks For Men’s Health

Not all drinking habits can be considered a bad addiction. Alcoholic beverages have been an inseparable part of our civilization. People from different parts of the world have produced different variations of the same drink for jesting. However, do you know that not all these beverages are known to mar your health?

Yes, there are a plethora of drinking options available for inculcating healthy drinking habits. Alcohol, when taken in regulated amounts, works wonder for your body and overall health. By cutting down alcohol into moderation, people have seen a surprising transformation in their health.

If you too are looking for healthy alcoholic drinks to lighten your mood and give multitudes of health benefits, given below is a list of 9 such drinks:



Vodka, when taken in controlled amounts, essentially possess numerous healthy qualities. The drink contains less than 200 calories and positively accelerates your blood circulation. They also prevent clotting, strokes and other heart issues. Interestingly, low sugar content invariants such as Crystal Head Vodka is suited for those suffering from high cholesterol. By taking the ‘shots’ in moderation, you have the best time of your life while serving your body with a healthy drink.

Red Wine

Among all the classy drinking affairs, Red Wine has always held the Queen’s place. The crimson drink has an antioxidant named resveratrol present, making it heart-friendly. And, for the weight-conscious crowd, the beverage when taken in moderation retains only 150-200 calories. Furthermore, you can add lime juice to the drink and convert it into a shield against coronary diseases.


The most infamous of all drinks, Tequila can also be a healthy beverage for light drinkers. Under the extremely controlled situation, the 100 percent agave tequilas contain zero carbohydrates. The distillation process used in producing the drink is quite helpful in keeping your gut clean. Furthermore, the drink has less than 100 calories, so for the conscious drinkers, it turns out to be a full package.


Even though Rum is popular as a merry-drink of old men, it certainly possesses youth-friendly qualities. Rum is brewed using molasses and sugarcane leftover, making it an all-natural healthy drink. The story doesn’t end here; these molasses are known to check up on the nerves of the youth and soothe mental strains. Moreover, students are often advised to have a gulp of Rum now and then to keep the agitation of their minds checked.


Whiskey, when taken in regulation, i.e. 21 units for men and 14 for women, is a miraculous drink. The antioxidant present inside contains free radicals needed to fight back cancer cells. The beverage also serves as an imperative brain power booster and has a calorie count equal to Margaritas. Moreover, the drink also has culinary uses giving the connoisseurs yet another way to enjoy its exotic flavour.


The drink is a sub derivative of the wine family and contains about 175 calories in single servings. Compared to white wines, Rosé has more resveratrol present in its servings, making it an antioxidant-rich beverage. Therefore, if you want a rich taste of a fine drink along with the health benefits, Rosé clearly tops the chart of all diet drinks.


Champagnes are low sugar and have a natural weight reducing quality. There are no additional carbs present, nor does it maintain a calorie intake more than 150. The beverage is best known for helping the cardiovascular functions of your body. Anyone having a pre-existing heart condition can add two servings of Champagne in their weekly diet.

Light Bloody Mary

The exquisite blend of Vodka and juices such as tomatoes, tobacco etc. form the delightful flavour of Bloody Mary. By adjusting the amount of Vodka present and the sugar level at the same time, you can prepare a light bloody may having 80-90 calories. The sodium present in these sausages also maintains the flow of blood and keeps your arteries functioning well.


The 25% solution of Beer is the best for all age groups. Beer is rich in polyphenols, yet another heart beneficiary element which prevents accumulation of kidney stones. Consuming beer in a lighter portion prevents heart diseases and is also a weight regulating agent. Lighter variants of beer contain calories as less as 50. Choose between the lighter shade versions of the beer brands using wheat and sour, saisons, instead of going for the usual stout one.


The less you drink, the more you gain is the mantra behind all these alcohol’s benefits. Keep a regular check over the amount you have been taking and spare yourself some expensive hospital trips. The key point is to follow a proper control regiment and seek low fat, zero carbs and mildly intoxicating drinks when you hit the bars, clubs or simply a gathering.

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