Tips For Choosing A Suitable Water Purifier

Water is very important to life and especially for human health. However, the socio-economic development comes with consequences of environmental pollution, including water pollution. For that reason, direct drinking water purifiers are increasingly being chosen by many families, companies … to contribute to improving the quality of life and preventing diseases. Below, is the guide to some tips on choosing a water purifier suitable for the needs of homes, offices, companies …

Here are the important criteria to consider the type of water purifier that is right for your needs.

Selecting water purifiers according to your water intake needs

The need to use the water purifier of the home, office, company … you to filter domestic water or direct drinking water, this has a great impact on choosing the right water purifier.

  • If you are purifying water for domestic use, you can choose a watershed water filtration system, usually in the form of a total filter hose or a system of 1-3 columns containing water filtration material.
  • For direct drinking water purification, you can choose any RO water filter, Nano water filter or UF water purifier. If you need to add the function of hot water, cold water, you can choose water purifiers with integrated hot and cold water.

Next, according to selected needs, operating capacity is also the next factor you should pay attention to. Tips for choosing a water purifier according to the water capacity used.

  • In the case of domestic water purification, you should base on the average water level that your family uses according to the meter readings to choose the right filter.
  • In the case of direct drinking water purification, the number of members using a water purifier in your family to consider choosing a direct drinking water purifier with a suitable capacity.

Selecting water purifiers according to the water supply

This is a very important factor to choose the right filtration technology for the input water quality. Tips for selecting water purifiers according to the quality of supplied water:

  • In the case of domestic water filtration, most of the column filtration systems are meeting the standards of living water. In some cases of poor water, for example, TDS is too high or water is heavily salty, it is imperative to use a high capacity RO filter column system.
  • For drinking water purification, if the supply water is tap water, you can choose a water purifier with RO, Nano or UF technology. However, if the supply water is well water, you will need to use an RO water filter.

Selecting water purifiers according to filter technology

If your supply water needs and sources can use both RO, Nano, UF water filters, which technology should you choose? Following are the water purification technology mainly available:

  • UF Ultrafiltration Technology
  • RO reverse osmosis filter technology
  • Nano filter technology NF

Selecting water purifiers according to installation location

For domestic water filtration systems, technical teams of suppliers need to pre-survey the installation location to design the system accordingly, so you can rest assured rely on the real experts for installation.

For water purifier products, depending on the installation location such as kitchen, sink, bedroom, living room, office, store …, choose the appropriate model. Some tips for selecting water purifiers according to installation location:

  • For the installation location in the kitchen, sink, you can choose a negative water filter under the kitchen shelf, washbasin (usually a nano water filter or a non-cabinet RO water filter, a desktop RO water filter …) space-saving filter or modern, compact filter design to the top to increase the elegance of the space.
  • For the installation location in the living room, office … you should choose RO water purifier with cabinets, Nano water purifier compact without pressure or hot and cold water purifier in the form of plants.

Choosing a water purifier by brand

You can choose water purifiers from reputable brands, this saves you time researching.

Choosing a water purifier according to the price

Should you buy a water purifier, how much is it reasonable to pay for it? This is the top question for every family, office, company … when interested in this product. Depending on filter technology, brand, number of filters, origin, additional features such as double tap, triple tap, volume hot water, integrated hot-cold, smart display feature, the price for water purifiers vary.

Some quick information about water purification products

What is a water purifier?

Water purifier is a product that applies filtration technology with materials or membranes, helping to clean water according to certain standards, for example, water that meets standards for drinking, production, daily life, irrigation, or for use in machines. special hook …

What is a direct drinking water purifier?

Direct drinking water purifier is a product used to remove harmful impurities, bacteria, viruses in the water to provide a clean source of water that can be drunk directly without boiling. Currently, water purifiers are used very popularly in schools, offices, or households …

Classification of water purifiers

There are many ways to classify water purifiers, such as:

  • Filter capacity: small capacity machine, semi-industrial system, industrial system …
  • Uses: Daily life, Production, Drink directly …
  • Filtration technology: RO, Nano, UF, Electrolysis of alkaline ionized water …

Does the water purifier have a long service life?

Water purifiers have an average service life of over 5 years. However, during use, the filter element and filter material should be replaced periodically according to their respective lifespan, from 9 months to 2 years.

Price of water purifier?

Compared with needs such as beauty, fashion, technology …, investing in a water purifier is a very smart and economical choice. You will be assured with clean water available in the house at a cost lesser than packaged drinking water.

Water quality parameters

Basic parameters reflect water quality: SS, TDS, pH, turbidity, hardness, conductivity.
The basic parameters reflect the drinking water quality: TDS, pH, turbidity, heavy metals, total nitrogen.

The standard of drinking water in the world

In the world, the two most prestigious water accreditation agencies currently ranked are:

  • NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) – WHO independent food and drink safety assessment organization
  • WQA (Water Quality Association) – International water quality association

Hope all this information will help in selecting the right water purifier

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Bio- Sunil Trivedi is the Managing Director of Aqua Drink. With 15 years of experience in the water purification industry, Sunil and his team have been ensuring that his clients consume 100% potable water to lead a healthy life and keeping water-borne diseases miles away.

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