Tips for Mother of an Addicted Child

Mothers are the best therapists for their children. They are great influencers in their children’s lives. Handling children needs so much patience which every mother has along with unconditional love for the child. It’s a mother’s duty to bring up her child in a good way. Nowadays, children are very social and that makes them indulge in more and more social activities. Alcohol and drugs are a part of joy when there is a limit.

Children on seeing their parents or friends consuming alcohol or using drugs, get an urge to try them all. They are very curious about these things. This drives them crazy about drinks and drugs. Some are forced by their peers. They undergo stress due to peer pressure and get into all of these habits. So, this becomes a great challenge for today’s parents.

Prevention is better than cure!

A mother takes care of her child’s needs. Parental advice influences the child’s behaviour. So the first step in stopping the child from getting addicted is to pay heed to the child’s words. When we talk to them after hearing from them, the children would get a strong feeling of support from their parents.

  • Listen to the child: When the parents are in a friendly relationship with their children, they tend to their parents at the end of the day. The children would feel pleased to share everything with their parents. The parents can know the day to day activities of the children by talking to them. The children are supervised by the parents only when they are at home. When they step out of home, parents are unaware of what they do. So being friendly would help the parents know what their child does every day. The parents can know about the child’s circle of friends. They can provide advice on maintaining healthier circles for their children.
  • Act wisely: The parents have to be wise enough to preach wisdom to their children. A mother should be enlightened on the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs so that she can make the children aware. Being harsh on their children does not help in any way. That would increase their fear and they fail from expressing themselves to you. A clear explanation of the dangerous effects of drugs and alcohol will make them gain knowledge.
  • Break the wrong beliefs:  As the children go out and meet many people, they may have few beliefs which they were forced to believe. The children are attracted to drinks and drugs. They have a fancy belief of alcohol and drugs being normal among youth.
  • Family values bond us:  Having lunch or dinner with the family may increase their time with family. You may go on trips too. Trips may bring in relaxation and peace to our minds. This may also create an open forum to share their thoughts. The family values are to be inculcated in the children’s minds. When the children are attached to the family, they commit only fewer mistakes than usual.
  • Encourage positive interests:  The child may also be taught of getting into extracurricular activities. Once the children are focussed on other activities, their interest in alcohol and drugs would be reduced. Parents are responsible for identifying their child’s hidden talents. If it is not known, parents may discover the interests and train the child. The child will now have hobbies that do not allow the mind to be idle. As per the saying “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop” when the child’s mind is blank, it may trigger their mind. So having additional activities is essential.

Signs of the child getting addicted:

The child may show some changes which are quite obvious. The parents especially the mother need to keenly monitor the child always. There may be changes in their regular activities. They may show more interest in their looks. Their food habits, dressing, sleeping patterns slowly change. They may not sleep at night. They may also experience severe health problems due to the lack of sleep.

Moving to the next stage, they may leave out their interests and hobbies, lock their doors and expect more privacy, isolate themselves from the rest of the family, start coming late to home, start maintaining secrets, hide their whereabouts. In the case of drugs, the eyes may turn red.

They may feel an increase in appetite. This also includes a slight memory loss and making wrong judgments. Drugs may also lead to panic heart attacks and hallucinations. The children should always be monitored by their parents and make them receive alcohol or drug treatment. Here you can find treatment for Benzodiazepine withdrawal.

Mother’s role in their children’s lives:

Mothers can create magics that can make great changes in life. Their love can have a great influence on children’s lives. The child gets addicted once they start liking it and fantastical about it. So, taking it out from their lives can be done by mothers. Nowadays, children are addicted to their mobiles. They are attracted to games and internet applications. Mothers can control their children from using mobile phones.

These days, technology plays an essential part in everyone’s day to day activities. So, the children definitely need to have knowledge of recent technologies. But overuse leads to danger. The neurons in the brain get weak on receiving radiations from mobile phones. A mother needs to keenly observe all the activities of their child because they may get into adultery activities or may watch adult content.

This may spoil the child’s mind. Therefore, a mother’s part in a child’s recovery is very much crucial. Alcohol and drug addiction can be easily treated by a mother. The children are healed through their mother’s love. Teens are also attached to their mothers. Nothing in this world is more important for a mother than her children. On this basis, the mother’s activities and pampering can completely influence their children.

“Mothers hold their child’s hands for a moment and their heart for the lifetime”. To conclude, the mother can do miracles. Let us also respect our mothers since we are nothing without them. Mothers are equal to god and we need to worship them. The kind nature of mom may bring a child out of addiction. In case if your child is addicted to alcohol or drugs kindly take them to the rehabilitation center in California to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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