Top 5 Causes Of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem in today’s world and is increasing day by day. However, it is not just one issue, hair loss gives rise to many other problems such as low confidence, low self-esteem, depression as well as other diseases. It leaves you wondering how in the world did this happen to you.

Typically, we always look for the solution to hair loss and never even bother to find out the causes that might lead to hair fall and baldness. But it’s always better to know the possible causes beforehand and avoid them in advance to steer clear from hair loss in the future. Which is why, here are the top 5 causes of Hair loss along with ways how you can identify these causes and what are the best solutions and actions you can take:

Poor Circulation of blood in the scalp.


If all of our body requires proper blood circulation to function properly, don’t you think our scalp needs good blood circulation too in order to grow healthy hair and reduce hair loss? Our hair needs good blood supply to provide micronutrients and amino acids for a healthy hair growth.

Two proteins, collagen and keratin are key in providing hair their strength and health. These proteins are rich in amino acids and are carried to the scalp through blood. Hence, if the blood supply is low in the scalp, then these key proteins will be unable to reach their place and result in hair fall.

What can cause poor blood circulation?

Lower blood circulation in the scalp can be due to many reasons such as pollution, excessive smoking and diet problems may lead to hair loss eventually.

However, none of these causes are uncontrollable. If extra care is taken then these cause can be avoided to increase blood flow. It is not hard to reduce smoking or spend more time in a healthy and pollution free environment or take a balanced diet.

Moreover, there are also many special exercises that increase blood flow in the body. Yoga has many different postures and inversion poses that lead to a better blood circulation in the head among which the most common are headstand postures. Furthermore, there are various massages that increase the blood flow and circulation in the scalp if done regularly. Head massages are not only beneficial for blood circulation, but are also a great stress reliever and bring more strength for the scalp and hair.

Hormonal Imbalance

It is not necessary that hair loss occurs due to external factors affecting the body, hormonal changes in the body may also lead to hair loss and baldness.

The body produces Enzyme 5 alpha-reductase that converts the natural testosterone into the hormone dihydrotestosterone also called DHT. What happens is that the people who already have a genetic predisposition to hair loss face reduction in the size of hair follicles which eventually leads to shorter and thinner hair. In comparison to women, men have a greater amount of natural testosterone in their bodies which is mainly the most probable cause of hair loss in men.

Where some people go for medications to treat this, others may also opt for hair transplants and hair treatments that provide better results.

Another hormonal reason for hair loss can also be variance in the health of the thyroid gland. If someone has an underactive thyroid gland, then it can also be a probable cause for hair loss.

For this, it is best to get this problem completely medically treated before any decisions on the hair loss problem are made. As it is very likely that a cure to the under activity of thyroid gland may also act as a solution for the hair loss.

Stress And Anxiety

No matter how much we ignore this part, fact is that stress and anxiety play a very important role in excessive hair loss and baldness. Although, naturally our bodies are made to cope with short term stress at various levels, but when the stress and anxiety becomes chronic, it may leave long term damage on the body, hair loss being one of the costs the body may have to pay.

Increased chronic stress can lead to imbalance in hormonal levels which would also eventually effect DHT levels further leading to the production of thinner and smaller hair follicles. This is why it is very important to control and reduce stress levels in our daily lives.

There are many exercises including yoga, meditation as well as reading that tend to reduce stress in the human body. Not only does stress bring illnesses to the body, it also damages our hair growth and production.

Healthy Diet

Again, if you assume that an unbalanced diet would only effect your body then you should not forget how it effects the hair growth and health. Our hair and scalp need food the same as rest of the body does.

You should make sure that your diet includes all the necessary proteins, vitamins, fiber, carbohydrates and amino acids that are required to ensure healthy hair growth. For that you should take fruits (Vitamin C), vegetables (iron), whole grains (mineral zinc), pulses (proteins) as well as nuts and dry fruits in your diet.

Another important key diet factor is meat and dairy products that increase sebum production- an oil created in the scalp which boosts hair growth and production. A healthy diet can take you a long way in the journey of hair growth and regeneration.

Hair Care

Along with all natural solutions, it is necessary to change your hair care habits as well if you wish to reduce hair loss. You should:

  • Have regular head massages with natural oils to relieve stress and increase blood circulation in the scalp
  • Avoid washing your head with hot water as it tends to damage weak hair follicles and makes the scalp dry
  • Use Aloe Vera and products that contain Aloe Vera as it is very effective in bringing the plaque build-up in the scalp(that is created by hair products, pollution and dead skin cells) and breaking it down to reduce inflammation and increase growth of healthy hair follicles
  • Keep your scalp away from the sun and heat to avoid damage

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