What can Healthy Food Do to You?

Leading a healthy life is simple and easy, provided one doesn’t over indulge in bad habits such as consuming alcoholic beverages in excess, eating the wrong food at the wrong time and generally not providing the body with proper exercise and nutrition. But more than anything else, eating chiefly organic food products will help you to stay fit with minimum visits to hospitals even in old age.

What is Healthy Food?


So how do we define healthy food? Broadly any food that gives an individual all the essential nutrients: carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins and essential minerals on a regular basis in adequate quantity can be considered as healthy food. But that is not the end in itself; there are a few things that should be avoided: pesticide in uncooked food, infectious bacteria and harmful chemical-based fertilizers that have found its way should be avoided at all cost.

One of the best ways to keep out unhealthy chemical ingredients from getting into your food is to choose organic food produce. You can tell organic produce from non-organic by looking at the description on the packing. When you see a label on the pack mentioning it as a certified organic food product, you are assured of organic origin.

Importance of Healthy Food for Students


With so much junk food circulating in the market, students are among the highest at risk of being targeted by manufacturers to sell food that will harm them in the long run. Parents of students should therefore educate them on the importance of healthy food in our life. The best way is to wean them away from food that are: chemically processed or contain chemicals (pesticide and fertilizers) and have little nutritional value.

Encouraging students to opt for organic food is a way to ensure that they don’t crave for food that can potentially cause harm to them. Expert nutritionists say that eating foods of multiple colors (rainbow eating) can help students stay healthy and perform well in studies. Here are a few rainbow organic foods that parents should include in the student’s diet on a daily basis: oranges, tomatoes, carrots, beetroots, potatoes, spinach, brinjals, lettuce and beans for example. Adding variety is the key to making students follow healthy food habits.

Four Major Benefits of Healthy Eating


Here are a few reasons why we should eat healthy food only and give up unhealthy eating habits. Getting into healthy eating habits will give you immeasurable benefits for your entire lifetime.

  1. You will perform better at your workplace. Those with healthy eating using mostly organically produced food will rarely suffer from stomach ailments such as stomach upset, excess belching, constipation, tiredness or growth problems. If you are a student, you will perform better in exams and if you’re a mother, you will be energetic throughout the day.
  2. Students will excel in sporting and athletics. Since healthy eating will make your bones strong and muscles to grow without excess fat in the body, your lung capacity will make you ideally suited for outdoor gaming activities. Healthy foods will make your blood rich in RBC, produce immunity, increase lung capacity and bone mass and make you grow taller giving you special advantages in games such as basketball, volleyball and sprinting.
  3. Parents will spend less on hospitals and doctor visits. A healthy person will have fewer reasons to visit hospitals and doctors; fewer visits mean less money wasted on ailments, medicines, medical investigations; and salary lost due to taking leave. In general you will save a lot of money, hardships and worries. You will also benefit from the appreciation you receive from your family.
  4. You will live longer and healthier. People who eat only organic food products can help individuals at least 10 years longer than those with sedentary lifestyles and not eating healthy organic foods. Parents and adult individuals who add more healthy organic food in their daily diet are also more likely to pass on healthy lifestyles to their children and grandchildren.



What does healthy food do to your body?

It promotes a strong body, good lifestyle habits and longer life. Your children will also benefit from healthy food habits.

What are the benefits of healthy eating?

You will spend less on hospital, be active, stay healthy, beget healthy children and live longer.


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