What is Reiki and Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a Natural Healing Technique in which the Reiki Healer channelizes herself & pass the Reiki energy through her palms. Reiki healing deals with the body’s natural healing process. The scope of Reiki Healing is huge. This can be applied for day to day wear & tear as well as in healing Chronic diseases. Reiki Healing is another form of alternative medicine. In Reiki healing therapy, the healer places the two palms lightly on the required position of the patient’s body & the Universal Life Force Reiki Energy is transferred to facilitate the process of healing.

The Reiki Technique was developed by a Japanese, Dr. Mikao Usui. In Japanese language, (Rei) means “Universal Life” and (Ki) means “Energy”. So, the Reiki energy can also be called Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is not related to any religion or religious practice. Neither it is associated to any country nor it is based on any occult arts or beliefs. Reiki is a subtle and effective form of energy work using Guided Life Force Energy.

The Universal life force Reiki energy is present in all forms of living beings. If the energy is strong & free flowing in a person, it is believed that the person is in a positive state of physical & mental health. But if the energy gets blocked, it could lead to symptoms of physical, mental or emotional imbalance. And Reiki is all about to flow this energy freely through all the chakras and the entire body.

Reiki and its Benefits:

The magnanimity of the benefits of Reiki energy cannot be explained with mere words. Reiki has huge benefits in every aspect of life.

Reiki energy are continuous stream of positive particles, it is an unseen life-force energy. This positive energy is used for healing purpose of physical, mental, emotional as well as to get rid of stress, traumas, karmic & long suppressed memories. Since this is a very effective way natural healing, there are no harmful side-effects. But if you are applying this incorrectly, then you may not get the benefits.

If you practice Reiki regularly, it can be your shield in any situations. If you go through this with dedication & commitment, you will get introduced to the world of an enormous power, that to in your own two palms.

Reiki treatment:

Reiki Treatment is another name of natural healing with no side effects. This treatment can be applied to anybody to improve the overall wellbeing.

Lets see who all should undergo the beautiful & effective natural healing with Reiki treatment:

  • People with chronic health problems. With proper application of Reiki symbols, the patient will get healed naturally and with 100% positive effects.
  • For lesser serious illness like cough & cold, headache, cuts & wounds. Reiki works very effectively in these treatments.
  • To get rid of Stress, Reiki healing/treatment is just awesome. You will feel a calm mind & a refreshing mood.
  • To build an increased immunity system in the body.
  • Reiki treatment is very effective in healing mental disorders, trauma or any long-suppressed impressions in mind.
  • Reiki Healing has also wonderful effects on Plants and Animals. Even it has been proved that they respond much quicker to Reiki treatment.

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