Why Every Jiu-Jitsu Practitioner Should Train In a GI

As all of us know, Brazilian Jitsu GI is basically a heavily stitched uniform made up of cotton which we wear during competition or training. There are different varieties, sizes, and colors available in GI. Some people think that wearing GI can generally add 3 pounds of weight during the fighting but they are totally wrong. GI originated over 100 years ago in Japan, and from that time period, very little changes have been made in it. The founder of judo karate, named jigoro kano decided to make a uniform for his students. So by wearing a GI, you are better able to defend yourself and attack your opponent when it is needed, other than by wearing GI your knowledge will be increased also and you will be better identified as an athlete.

Most of the movements are performed with or without GI so it’s better to perform it with the GI. Also if you are trying to find a suitable GI for your workout I would suggest you shop it from elite sports. Elite sports don’t compromise on the quality of their products and provide you the best quality product. Elite sports Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi is available at cheap and affordable prices providing you supreme comfort.

In judo, there are many sizes, varieties, and colors of GI available which are involved in competition and training. GI is basically designed thick and heavy in order to provide durability for long term usage. In karate GI is modified and is designed thin and light-weighted with short sleeves in order to provide striking and kicking during combat and training. So there are certain reasons why practitioners use GI during competition.

Martial arts fighters hone their skills

Reasons for wearing the GI

One of the reasons for wearing GI is that it reminds the practitioner that he is training on premises that are different from his home station. When he enters judo training by wearing GI it reminds him off that he is away from all worries and from other stresses of life.

Wearing GI gives individuality and identifies a person as an athlete. GI also reminds a person to stay connected spiritually, mentally, and physically with his training and career.

Value of wearing a uniform

When a person values his uniform he is connected more with his art and more devoted to his work. Other than that person remains committed to his work passionately for a greater time period.

Achieving great ability

Basically, GI provides an athlete comfort during training, when a person is comfortable in any type of work he can perform it very well for a greater time period. So staying comfortable allows a person to perform for a greater period of time and also helps a practitioner to achieve great performance during combat.

So if you want to shop Brazilian Jitsu-Ji GI in order to achieve great performance I would suggest you shop it from elite shorts. Elite sports provide durable products and do not compromise on their quality. Elite sports Brazilian jiu-jitsu GI is available at cheap prices which you can afford easily.

The presentation of white GI

Although white GI does not look stylish it represents purity, cleanliness and represents itself as a symbol and icon of martial arts. Other than that white GI represents uniformity, simplicity and keeps away the EGO among individuals. And also it is important for beginners to know about the white GI and white belt.


Yes of course if you wish to wear black GI you can absolutely wear it, all it matters is that it should be comfortable enough it should provide you proper fit and should be washed daily after training.

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