14 lovely ways to spoil yourself in 10 minutes

Go ahead, pamper yourself. You deserve it. Take 10 minutes out of your action-packed day purely to indulge yourself. These tips will help you to make a start, ideas on how to make yourself prettier, and perhaps while you are relaxing you’ll think up some more special treats for yourself.

  1. Put cool cucumber slices on your closed eyes for 10 minutes and relax. Your eyes will feel marvellous afterwards, especially if you’re a little weary or feeling jaded.
  2. Sit with your feet up and eyes closed for 10 minutes. Place feet higher up than head to get the blood racing, improving circulation. Breathe slowly and deeply while doing so. Great for total relaxation.
  3. Have a friend (your husband or boyfriend would be the best treat) – give you a warming back massage for 10 minutes. It’s not only therapeutic, but it’s really romantic as well.
  4. Take a walk around the block for 10 minutes. It can be either leisurely or brisk, whichever you prefer, but brisk is best. The fresh air will put a glow in your cheeks, and the exercise will improve your body’s circulation.
  5. Sit and read a newspaper for 10 minutes, without interruption. You’ll learn a host of interesting things about the world around you.
  6. Learn to nap in an instant, and 10 minutes will become the perfect recharge for you. Just before you lie down, cleanse your face thoroughly, tone it and apply a light covering of moisturizer, then doze off.
  7. Run a warm DIY bath soak while you’re doing some chores, add delicious smelling oils or some herbs, then stretch out in it and relax for 10 minutes. You’ll tackle those chores refreshed.
  8. Give yourself a quick, rejuvenating home facial. Fill a basin with hot water. Cleanse your skin, then cover your head and the sides of the basin with a towel, locking in the steam. Stay “submerged” for three or four minutes. The steam will open your pores, loosen and dislodge blackheads and bring spots to a head. Then wipe over with skin tonic. If you have time apply a three-minute face mask, or simply apply moisturizer after the skin toner and eye cream.
  9. If a friend or neighbour drops by, take 10 minutes out to sit down, relax and chat over a hot cuppa. Try a refreshing herb tea, like camomile, rosehip or peppermint, and instead of normal sugar or sweetener, try honey.
  10. Try this simple and effective hand massage for 10 minutes. After your morning shower, when hands are still warm and moist, massage with moisturizing cream, going lightly but consistently over fingers, palms, backs of hands, wrists, knuckles and joints. Pull fingers, and massage right into the muscles, between the bones. You’ll soon feel the benefit.
  11. Take 10 minutes off to read that book you’ve been itching to begin. Read it for 10 minutes tomorrow, too, and the next day. You’ll give yourself pleasure that doesn’t eat into your entire day.
  12. Give your hair a good brushing. Use long strokes right from roots to ends. This conditions it, stimulates circulation and ensures even distribution of oil. Also brush hair in different directions all over the head. It gives the hair a tingling lift.
  13. If you’re stuck all day behind a desk, take 10 minutes of your break to do some stretching exercises. Inhale deeply, concentrating on stretching one side your body, relax, then stretch the other side, and relax. Do the same with each part of the body stretching it out completely taut, then relaxing, deep breathing all the time.
  14. Go out into a sunny garden (or find a comfortable space indoors) lie flat on your back and daydream for 10 minutes.

Written by Cecilia

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