Get Rid Off Ingrown Hairs Once and Forever

Ingrown hair is a problem a lot of us (read women) face a lot of times. But rarely do we pay attention to resolving it to the fullest. It doesn’t look nice, removal is difficult and bar you from wearing your favorite dress. What can be worse than this for a woman? Relax.

Here are a few ways, you can get rid of the ingrown hair:


Let The Hair Come Out First

Yes, this is the first thing you should do once you notice an ingrown hair. No waxing. No shaving. Refrain from it. Let the hair come out first. Take a tweezer. Sterilize it. Now try to take out the curled hair slowly so as to make it straight. Do not pull it off. It can give birth to another ingrown hair. When the hair comes out, it will also mark an end to the irritation and bumpy skin you had because of it. If you are not able to pull it off. Do not try very hard. This may lead to unnecessary pain and the skin may bleed too.

Prepare Your Skin

Consider removing hair only after you take a shower. This is a useful technique as it makes the skin hydrated and hair soft and thus can be removed easily. This is even more beneficial when you exfoliate your skin. This removes dead skin, any other build up and hence pave way for a clearer skin. But people with sensitive skin should be wary of exfoliation. Waxing or shaving post exfoliation can be irritating for your skin.

Reconsider Your Hair Removal Technique

When you pull a hair from its follicle, at times it changes the direction of the hair growing. It also means a new start for the hair. While pushing through the skin, sometimes it just can’t push enough and curls back. So while removing hair by using any of the techniques you must take care of the way you use it. For instance,
Shaving – when removing hair with a razor, do not ue razor too close to the skin or shave too often. Always use a sharp, clean blade and shave in the direction of the hair growth, instead of against it.
Waxing – Always wax a well hydrated skin.

Moisturize And Exfoliate

Dead skin build up may also lead to ingrown hair. So exfoliate your skin often with loofah or do dry skin brushing. Prevent dead skin build up. This will keep hair follicles free and clear. Do not forget to moisturize. This will keep the skin smooth and soft and help the hair push easily through the skin. Do so once your skin is clean, it will guarantee of no future recurrence..

Use Products Wisely

Do not use products that may dry your skin. These include the ones that have alcohol in them. Get a little careful. If any of your products make your skin feel taut, move on to some other product which is gentler on your skin. A dry skin can make things worse for you with irritation and amplify ingrown hair problem. Hot water bath is also bad – it too causes drying and irritation. Use products that are safe for the skin. One such is Revitol hair removal cream. Do your research before buying.

Hot Compresses

This technique softens the skin, making it easier for the hair follicle to come out of the skin. For this remedy, you don’t need to take a shower. Use a wash cloth. Wet it in hot water and press it against your skin. After the cloth has cooled down, dip it gain in hot water and carry on the cycle a few more times.

Home Remedies

Even your kitchen ingredients can come to the rescue.

Egg Membrane can be employed for getting rid of ingrown hair. You only have to remove the membrane from inside the egg shell. Then apply it on the skin and let it dry. When it dries off,  just wash it away. The ingrown hair would come out easily.

Aloe Vera – apply the gel on the skin and do not rinse it off even after drying. This makes the skin supple and helps the ingrown hair to come on to the surface of the skin quite easily.

Aspirin  – it contains salicylic acid. We all know salicylic acid is an exfoliator. Crush a few tablets, add some oil and apply it on the ingrown hair. Use it every day till you find your skin totally clear.

Acne Medication – an ingrown hair can also develop pus and inflammation, which can then be treated with an acne medication cream.

Hope you have enough methods to deal with it now.

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Aliceie Rodriquez is a skin expert by profession. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with people. She regularly contributes her write ups to health or skin care related websites and blogs. In her free time she loves to travel, fashion shows and music.

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