Beauty Hacks That Work While You’re Asleep

Are you happy with what you see in the mirror the first thing you wake up? Hush for there’s no rush to put some makeup on yet, for here are some beauty hacks that works while you’re asleep.


Drink water before going to bed

Drinking a glass of water before bed helps your body cycle remove toxins and dispel waste. In addition to drinking a glass of water before bed, you should also have a glass of it first thing when you wake up. It helps activate and boost the internal organs. Your muscles, joints, hormones, and energy levels become balanced by drinking water before bed. This helps you relax and leaves you feeling rejuvenated in the morning. While you’re asleep, water has the time to reach every part of your body and replenish it fully. So drink a glass of cold water before you sleep and expect a better day next morning. If this won’t work for you and may lead you to rise in the midnight, you may try this next tip instead.

Eat juicy fruits and veggies

Drinking lots of water before bed may cause disturbance to your sleep because you might need to wake up later on just to take a pee. Water composition of veggies, fruits, and nuts release hydration slowly. Swap the salty and chocolatey late snacks with these instead, and your skin will be thankful for you.

Keep makeup remover by the bed

Clogged pores, irritated eyes, itchy skin, and makeup residue on your pillow – this might be your scenario, the morning after you forgot to clean your face.  Besides from these, you may develop rashes; you could put yourself at risk for an infection. If you have acne, you might make it worse, your skin will look older, and you’ll have more wrinkles, and your complexion will appear dull. So if you don’t want any of these on your face, make sure to clean up before you go to bed. Keeping the makeup remover by the bed will make you remember this task presto.

Aloe Vera

You can apply Aloe Vera gel on your face daily before sleeping. It is a skin protectant which can make miracles not just for your skin, but for your health as well. Aloe vera prevents early signs of again, it tighten pores, removes toxins and redness of the skin, brightens your skin tone, and it also reduces the acne and clears the blemishes and scars.

Silk Pillowcase

This is one of the best recommendation from the experts for improving one’s beauty sleep. You’ll never want to go back to your old one once you’ve tried a silk pillowcase. It helps avoid hair damage and breakage, keeping your hair soft and frizz-free. It also helps minimize wrinkles, for your skin will not be stretched from it, and it will eliminate harsh pillow lines all over your face when you got up. The beautiful thing about silk pillowcase is the incredibly luxurious feel you get from it, which gives you more quality and luxurious night’s rest.

Powder sprinkled sheets

The most excellent bedtime beauty hack for the hot summer months. You need Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder if you hate waking up smelly and sweaty. It is used primarily to relieve chafing, but many people like to sprinkle it on their sheets for a sexy jasmine scent and to keep their skin comfortably silky and dry while they sleep. Using a plain old baby powder will work its wonder too.

Masking your hands and feet

Pour cream or moisturizer to your hands and feet and cover it with hand masks, and socks to your feet. Do this, and your skin and cuticles will improve visibly just the morning after that. If you think you already got smooth hands and feet, you’ll be surprised how this simple thing can boost it up.

TLC for your lips

Our lips need hydration too, and the best time to wear a lip balm is overnight so that our lips got plenty of time to absorb the balm without annoying you with the awkward, heavy feeling in your mouth. Choose one that got a good scent.

Humidifier helps

This is an airborne moisturizer. Use a humidifier when you sleep and wake up with a more comfortable nose, and throat. Also, we tend to snore more if our sinuses and throats are dry. A moist environment from a humidifier tends to feel warmer and more comfortable, which can encourage a good night’s sleep.

Sleep on your back

Sleeping on your back will prevent you from having wrinkles. When you sleep on one side of your face, they are prone to more set-in wrinkles on that same side. Experts believe that wrinkles are the result of the skin being pushed and pulled against the pillow, damaging skin-smoothing collagen over time. Lines on your face are formed when you lie face down or sideways on your pillow, so be sure to lie on your back as you sleep.

Sleep a lot

As basic and bold as it sounds, sleeping a lot during the night supplies you the nutrients and vitamins your body needs. Your skin goes to work repairing the day’s damage at night. A full night’s rest helps blood flow efficiently and encourages the production of human growth hormone, a necessity for collagen production. You’ll be surprised how our body would like you to be healthy and beautiful more than you are.

Do these hacks one night at a time, and you’ll surely see the difference in no time.

Author Bio:
Ethan Wright is a health enthusiast who believes every great day begins with a good night’s sleep. He is currently a researcher and writer for Bedding Stock, an online retailer of gel memory foam mattress in the USA. When not wearing his writing hat, you will see him traveling to places with his journal.

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