Benefits of Yoga

“Yoga is not just weight-loss program, it is a science to make you feel lighter. You lose mental stuff of anger, jealousy, hatred, greed, etc.”

“Like a flower bud, human life has the potential to blossom fully. Blossoming of human potential to fullness is yoga.”  Sri Sri

What is Yoga? Origin of Yoga

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Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ that means ‘to unite or integrate’, Yoga is a 5,000-year-old Indian body of knowledge.

Yoga Benefits are countless. They are not only a powerful tool to strengthen your body but also to relax your mind and your overall being. It is an art and science of healthy living. This is altogether a spiritual discipline based on an extremely subtle science. Yoga is all about harmonizing the body with the mind and breath by using breathing techniques, exercise and meditation. In an overall context, Yoga helps to improve health and happiness.

Benefits of Yoga – Yoga improves health

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There are innumerous benefits of Yoga. Most people have a preconception that Yoga is a form of physical exercise or Asanas and poses that includes stretching & twisting body parts. But Yoga is far more than just exercise or Asanas. Even Yoga benefits is not limited to physical level only. We must realize the immense benefits yoga offers in uniting the body, mind, and breath. Mental techniques are like breathing exercises such as ‘Pranayam’ and Meditation. When we are in harmony, our journey through life is calmer, happier and more fulfilling.

You can find thousands of Yoga benefits listed in different websites, but the basics of Yoga Health benefits are these:

  • Improves health
  • Increases Energy level
  • Improves Physical & Mental strength
  • Elevates the immunity power of body
  • Makes the mind calm & stress free
  • Retain your inner peace
  • Improves focus & concentration
  • Better body flexibility & posture
  • Detoxifies body & mind
  • Weight Loss/Gain and maintain fitness
  • Consistency in Yoga Improves Intuition

Yoga at Home – A beginner’s guide

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Practicing Yoga helps develop the body and mind but it is essential to learn yoga under the supervision of a trained Yoga teacher. Once you know the techniques, you can practice at home.

Tips to practice yoga at home:

  • Wear comfortable clothes – Go for loose, comfortable clothing
  • Choose a clean, quite & well-ventilated space – The place should be comfortable without disturbance for the particular time.
  • Choose a convenient time – Practicing yoga in the morning is generally considered to be the best time as it keeps energy levels high during the day.
  • Start on empty stomach – Make sure there must be 2-3 hours gap after meals and your Yoga practice.
  • Warm up before starting Yoga – Do some warm up or few stretches or else your muscles may get strained.
  • Start with easy postures – Be gentle with your body or you may end up hurting yourself.
  • Make it a regular habit – Be consistent with your Yoga practice. This is the most vital point.
  • Try with group and include various techniques – Try doing yoga with your family or friends and let it be a perfect excuse for a family get-together.

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