Burn Belly Fat With These Amazing Exercise Techniques

Hate belly fat and want to extinguish it without exercise? Or, looking for additional ways to burn belly fat without traditional exercise. Don’t worry, you are at the right place.

Here are a few super effective ways to fasten your metabolism without:

  • Going to any exercise machine,
  • Lifting an adjustable dumbbells or
  • Doing abdominal routines

1) Walk

couple-walking-with-dogWalking is a criminally underrated exercise. It is documented as one of the best workouts for sedentary folks to lose weight permanently. Find opportunities every day to walk more often. Around the house, to the corner store, or in place; find time and move your legs. It does not matter as long as you are walking 30 minutes daily, at least. Increase your walking speed consistently to 3.5 miles per hour.

2) Stand Up

window-woman-morning-girlStanding shreds over 30% more calories than remain on a seat. Make sure to stand for a minimum of 3 hours per day to burn belly fat. Next time you observe you are sitting on the couch watching TV, simply Stand Up! To optimize the effect, walk as you are watching TV.

3) Suck In Stomach


Merely sucking in your stomach tightens up your belly and gives strength to the muscles underneath your upcoming six-pack. Here’s what you can do.

  • Suck in the stomach as long as you can (Pull inwards). Focus on pulling your belly button as far as you can. Hold on for five seconds, keep breathing, and release.
  • Take a 10-second break and repeat. Now, focus on pulling in from your belly’s top. Alternate. You will start feeling the burn.
  • Kick off with 10 reps two times per day. Over the next couple of weeks escalate the duration and the frequency of sucking in your stomach farther.
  • Now, try to hold it longer and longer. At your desk, in your car, or walking, remember don’t hold your breath. You would eventually get to the point where you will be doing it unconsciously and constantly.

4) Turn off The TV


If you watch television for around 3 hours or more daily, you are 60% more likely to become obese. Watching TV for an hour every day and find some alternative to do. Clean, garden, construct something; it could anything as long as you are moving.

5) Breathe


Do you know, the best method to reduce waste from your body is exhaling? It really is!

When you burn belly fat, your body creates loads of toxins that must be knocked out. If you ever had a science course, you will surely be familiar with the fact that mass can only be converted; it can’t be created or destroyed.
If you burn wood, the wood’s mass would be converted to gas and energy. The same thing happens if we burn our belly fat. In essence, we breathe out all the fat.

If you get sealed in a glass jar that is sitting on a scale, and you lost 30 pounds, the scale will never show the weight loss.


Because the fat’s weight loss would be confined in the air of the sealed jar. What we are trying to convey is, BREATHE!

Practice exercises of deep breathing. Also, techniques for short breathing and any other related exercise that interests you.

6) Take a Bath


Don’t worry, this is not what it sounds like. Here bathing is about cold water immersion. Water must be cold enough to make you shiver.

Fifteen minutes of shivering is equivalent to 15 minutes of jogging. During their training, Navy SEALs have to sit in the sea as wave’s crash them for up to an hour. This water is not warm, rather 45-50 degree water.

Due to this level of training severity, SEALs are monitored for hypothermia. THIS IS NOT ENDORSED or recommend.

However, there are two endorsed techniques to burn belly fat:

  1. Fill a bathtub with extremely cold water to ankle height. Get yourself in. Walk 2-4 minutes. This is quite bearable compared to the Navy SEAL’s, yet it triggers an improvement in your metabolism that lasts for long enough.
  2. Take a normal bath but fill the tub as high as possible with room temperature water; 70 degrees. The water must not feel warm, rather cool. Get yourself in, practice breathing exercises, read a book, etc., for good 30-60 minutes. Consume ice water to speed the impact.

After initial 10-15 minutes, you will realize your body is shivering. This is good, but don’t go hard. When your body gets the signal to quit, get out.

You must not rush. In a due course, you would be a pro at burning belly fat via cold water immersion without putting your health at risk.

7) Do what the Shaolin Monks Do


Technically, some of these exercises will firm you up. They will make you tougher than weight lifting, without touching a training power rack or a dumbbell.

  1. Stand with straight arms at your sides with your elbows locked. Press palms down forcefully and quickly raise your straight fingers back. Repeat it 40 times. You would feel this in your triceps and forearms. Do this regularly (probably daily) and your arms will become firm like a wood board.
  2. Stand with arms at your side. Imagine a mosquito at chin level just out of your reach. Fluidly, throw up your arms with your left shoulder with a focus on speed. Imagine catching that mosquito in your vertical fist. Now, squeeze it as hard as you can. Hold for a second.

Now, throw your right arm up and then squeeze. Then throw your left fist up and squeeze hard. Repeat 40 times. This will harden up the chest, shoulders, arms, and improve your coordination.


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