Care During and After Pregnancy

Breast crack

During breastfeeding often the appearance of cracks on the breast:  To help heal and relieve pain, it helps the following homemade recipes.

Mullein infusion:

  • 15 grams leaf and flowers of mullein
  • 1 / 2 liter of water

How to use

Put Boil the water and start to boil remove from heat , add identified plant parts and let stand for 10 minutes.

Filter through gauze and if desired, anadirazucar or honey to sweeten . Drinking three cups of tea a day.

Massage with mullein

  • 15 grams leaf mullein
  • 1 / 2 liter of water

How to use

Put milk and pour boiling the leaves of mullein .  Then let simmer for 10 minutes Remove the leaves and hot, put them over the affected areas.

You can use this recipe together with the following in order to strengthen the treatment.

Massages com frey

  • 1 fresh comfrey root
  • ¼ water.

How to use

Grate the root and add water.  Then beat to obtain a slurry which is applied on the cracks and areas with pain.

This treatment is good for every day especially at night.

Maceration of lady’s mantle

  • 100 grams flower fresh lady’s mantle
  • 1 / 2 liter of alcohol 80 or 90 degrees

How to use

Add alcohol to the amount of the plant indicated. After applying the maceration like a lotion, rubbing gently.


  1. Wear a bra that hold tightly without crushing breasts , and having in the lower one reinforcement.
  2. After pregnancy bra especially when you do gymnastics .

Breast – firmness:

In order to give firmness to the breasts after delivery. There are two natural beauty recipes based both feet lion that can be used :

lion standing Decoction:- Ingredients

  • 40 grams leaf lion standing with their peduncles
  • 1 liters water

Mode  Application

Boil plant parts indicated in the water for 10 minutes . Strain and let cool.

Homemade beauty tips for during and after pregnancy


Because, during pregnancy, sensitizes the skin to sunlight, which favors the appearance of brown spots and freckles on the face and around the body and, in turn, dried, recommends:

  • No heat in the sun or the weather or winter sports
  •  Protect yourself with sunscreen or a wide brimmed hat.
  • Delete the use of makeup, cream foundation, blush, mascara and powder, perfumes or dyes sensitize the skin to the action of light. Therefore, we recommend the following natural cream
  • Remove the plain soap, an alcoholic lotions, astringents, because of this very dry skin condition recommended the application of nourishing plant extracts of orange light.


To restore the tonicity belly, gymnastics is only recommended

Avoid the use of belts or gums that are too tight , which may cause the appearance of varices frequently at points of friction.

During this period the woman should effective monitoring of pregnancies to keep body and skin in good condition.

When women are pregnant your hair looks good. However, after delivery of about 8 to 10 weeks due to changes in hormone secretions, hair becomes very brittle and the slightest shock could cause a massive accident. This is normal and stops spontaneously within a few weeks

But it’s always very careful at this time why we give below a number of recommendations for the prevention of hair loss:

  • Use mild shampoo for kids
  • Avoid bleach or any other treatment that is aggressive


With more weight, more lentala circulation in the legs and runs the risk of produce spasms or varices.  For avoid these anomalies , we recommend the following:

  • Walking or swimming daily for about half an hour .
  • Rest frequently putting legs up . This night should be placed slightly higher and in the morning , before getting up , give them some taps, or make circles with your ankles .
  • It is not advisable for women showering pregnant legs with cold water or stay too long standing still.

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