Should You Be Using Cannabis if You Have Coronavirus?

Almost every person in every region is suffering from the coronavirus, but some are recovering due to home care or hospitality, and some couldn’t make it.

Cannabis therapy is well known for long decades with cannabinoids like CBD and THC. These are used for treating various people with various diseases. So let’s discuss what effects cannabis leaves on Covid-19; is it curable or not?

Cannabis is that substance from which every person is warned not to consume it or not to offer it to anyone. For ages, every child or adult listens to that hippies only take this substance. Research has been conducted into cannabis therapeutic elements to find why the conventional consumption of cannabis products has improved. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are widespread as of their large-scale curative nature and way of using it. These are having lots of health benefits like relief in pain, improved anxiety and decrease inflammation, that’s why this substance is taking its place in the market.

Working of Corona Virus


The spike surface proteins of COVID-19 find healthy cell receptors by sticking to them. Unlikely as it may seem, these viral proteins possess an unusual property: they have quite an affinity for ACE2 receptors, and once they enter, the coronavirus immediately takes control of healthy cells. Once healthy cells are harmed, it eventually leads to the patient’s death.

The virus spreads throughout the respiratory system, which involves the throat, mouth, nose, and lungs. COVID-19 is much more likely to be able to travel to the lower respiratory tract since it has more ACE2 receptors than that of the rest of the respiratory system. Due to this, COVID-19 is more insidious than typical influenza or common colds. A virus that enters the lungs interferes with a person’s ability to breathe, causing their lungs to swell, which in turn makes it harder for them to breathe.

The symptoms often conclude with such a cough as well as a fever for around 80% of the population. However, those who are not so fortunate may suffer the consequences of the virus. The illness starts approximately five to eight days after symptoms begin. During this period, some people will suffer shortness of breath that could develop to ARDS many days later.

How Cannabis Works?


There have been multiple cases of cannabidiol being used safely in the past and, in fact, including many beneficial characteristics that could be effective in treating specific medical conditions. The anti-inflammatory characteristics of CBD allow it to help with conditions including arthritis and anxiety. It is also capable of dilating blood vessels, improving mood, and reducing pain. CBD’s strength and versatility is only complemented by the work of other cannabinoids and terpenes, as well as the therapeutic intervention that is needed.

Many of the unfavorable systemic effects of COVID-19 appear to be associated with altered coagulation, and hence it is feasible that cannabis could be effective in treating these consequences.

Is Cannabis Effective for Treating Covid-19?


Cannabis is a substance that contains a high level of curative percentage; many may be thinking that cannabis can help people to fight against Covid-19 or not. Due to this situation, millions of people lost their lives; many people are suffering from this illness. The whole world is depreciated; every state’s borders are closing down, international borders are closed, and the world’s economy is subsided. This disease leaves effects like fever, breathing problems, and feeling exhausted. It can be worse.

Research published in January 2021 regarding cannabis found that this can help people fight against Covid 19.

Cytokine Storms

Cytokine Storms

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A “cytokine storm” occurs when the number of cytokines in the blood increases, a significant biological event in individuals with severe acute respiratory distress syndrome from COVID-19. Cytokine storm describes a surge of proinflammatory cytokines occurring throughout the body. The inflammatory cytokines comprise a certain type of protein, and they result in an increase in inflammation.

Covid-19 sufferers are hit by lung fibrosis, an incurable and severe condition that leaves lung tissues to disfigure and does not provide patients enough breath and makes it more difficult for them. If any substance can stop this cytokine storm, it can help to reduce inflammation, help to fight against lung fibrosis and help Covid-19 patients to relax.
Studies have discovered that a specific strain of cannabis, called C. sativa, reduced various cytokines and inflammatory pathways associated with fibrosis and tissue scarring. For example, COVID-19 cytokine storm and acute respiratory distress syndrome were prevented in some cases because of C.Sativa’s impact on two cytokines, IL-6 and TNFa.

Studies In Support of Cannabis


The Aging Study is not the only study that has shown that cannabis has the potential to restrict cytokine storms in Covid-19 patients.

A study named mouse-model conducted in 2020 discovered that CBD, a compound that originated in cannabis, decreases proinflammatory cytokines and helps to develop the clinical symptoms of mice with symptoms close to Covid-19.

Research shows that CBD, which originated from cannabis, can help as part of treatment for Covid-19 by decreasing the cytokine storm and safeguarding lung issues by inflammation.

Cannabis in Treatment of Covid


Cannabis shows a lot of differences in decreasing inflammation and blemish in sufferers of Covid-19, and there are also many ways in which cannabis can help patients of Covid-19 to recover.

Substances like THC and CBD in cannabis have shown many improvements in many areas of the body, like relief in pain and anxiety treatment. But these therapeutic advantages have not been seen in Covid-19 patients, and this can be a big part of future research.

Pain Relief


Due to Covid-19 symptoms, many problems arise in the body, like whole body aches, soaring of throat, eyes ache and headaches; for all these symptoms, most people would want to be free of pain, so many people would be welcoming pain relief methods.

Cannabis study showed that it could help to reduce the pain, as its potential increases serotonin consequence, a neurotransmitter which can reduce the pain.



Knowing about your illness can be a huge stress for patients. As of its infectious nature, sufferers are kept away from their loved ones in some other place. The severe and blemish nature of the Covid-19 could disturb your mental health.

The substance of cannabis like CBD shows a lot of improvement in relieving anxiety. CBD helps a lot to fight against Covid-19 anxiety and stress symptoms. In addition, CBD could improve serotonin levels and reduce cortisol levels. A decrease in the level of these chemicals is very important for managing anxiety as serotonin decreases anxiety, and cortisol is a stress hormone that is discovered in high levels in sufferers with depression and anxiety.

In a double-blind placebo-controlled study, CBD was discovered to lower social anxiety in teenage patients as well.

Smoking Cannabis Good During Covid-19?


Most people use cannabis while smoking cannabis; this is not the only way to consume cannabis. Many studies show that oil is extracted from cannabis which is known as CBD oil.

CBD oil, made from cannabis, can be consumed from nasal sprays, ingestion, topical applications, and vaping. Unfortunately, many such delivery mechanisms will leave harmful substances that can affect the body because of smoking cannabis.

Final Words

Cannabis could be a key to fight against Covid-19 due to its highly anti-inflammatory characteristics. In the aging study, it has proved that cannabis can enhance the situation of Covid-19 patients by decreasing a cytokine storm and safeguarding lung tissues through inflammatory damage.

Studies have shown that cannabis is helpful in many ways to Covid-19 patients, like reducing pain throughout the body or relieving stress or anxiety. The scientific investigation mostly on pain-relieving & anxiety-reducing qualities of cannabis for COVID-19 patients should first explore the features of COVID-19 to ensure they have been correctly identified.

This research is interesting and illustrates the usefulness of cannabis in fighting COVID-19, but make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions when dealing with COVID-19.

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