Grow Your Cannabis at Home During COVID-19 Pandemic With These Tips

When everything around the world was shutting down, most of us decided to head home and pick new hobbies. Now that we have somehow managed to navigate through the uncharted waters of the pandemic, most of us either ended up incorporating these hobbies as a part of our normal routine or completely gave up on the idea of pursuing it further.

For those who took up cannabis growing as a hobby during the pandemic and failed miserably here is a guide that will help you make amends and grow a productive yield. Also, patients who use a medical marijuana card in Fremont or any other legal region to avail of high-quality cannabis strains can try growing cannabis indoors. This will help them save money spent on purchasing cannabis products.

Moreover, this pandemic is the perfect time to grow cannabis indoors. You have a lot of time on your hands and there are only so many video games you can play. So, start by ordering a few high-quality seeds from trustworthy stores and read on to dive into the cannabis growing journey.

Pick a Growing Spot

Growing indoors or outdoors, a perfect spot will make a huge difference. You see, a cannabis yield unlike any other crop yield requires a lot of attention and consistent care. So, secure a spot that is out of the reach of insects, children, and pets. For instance, you can grow cannabis in the basement, outdoors in a small tent, or a space that is extremely safe for your cannabis plant.

For most of you selecting the right spot should not be a problem, but in case a problem arises you can get a specialized growing tent and park it safely in the backyard or a spare room. A closet will also work perfectly well for those who find it difficult to select a spot. A relatively small area will allow you to grow three-four cannabis plants, which also suffice the legal limit. More vitally, make sure that the space you choose has easy access to water, enough space to adjust the lights and other growing equipment.

Order Cannabis Seeds

The next step is to purchase cannabis seeds online. You will find a variety of stores over the internet. The type of seeds that you choose will decide what kind of yield you will produce. So, here’s a list of seeds you can purchase.

Feminized Seeds

Genetically engineered to meet specific cultivation requirements, feminized seeds produce all female plants. Female seeds can help you procure an excellent yield. However, make sure that you plant only female seeds in the growing area because even one male can deteriorate the quality of the final yield. If growing a high cannabinoid strain is your priority, feminized seeds should be your go-to choice.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are 100 percent organic and not altered genetically or chemically. These seeds will produce half female and half male offspring. You can get regular seeds at an affordable price. The only problem with regular seeds is that you have to remove the male plants in order to procure an excellent yield.

Autoflowering Seeds

Some cannabis plants start flowering as a result of climatic changes. Autoflowering seeds on the other hand will reach the flowering stage once the plant enters a specific point. This ability allows a grower to stick to a constant light format and produce multiple yields in a single season. In addition, every auto-flowering seed is feminized. This means you don’t need to worry about separating the male from the female.

Install Good-Quality Grow Lights

You don’t need lights for an outdoor grow, but you will require good-quality lights for an indoor grow. So, let’s take a closer look at the different types of growing lights you can choose from.

High-Intensity Discharge Lights

For several years HID was the standard growing lights. They helped cultivators produce a large yield at an economical price. The only drawback of HID lights is that they use more electricity and the bulbs produce extra heat. This means that you will require extra cooling power and you cannot allow your plants to grow very close to the light fixtures.

Compact Fluorescent Lights

CFLs are cost-effective and they allow beginners to produce yield on an effective budget. These lights do not consume extra electricity or power and are best for the seeding period.

Light Emitting Diode

Most growers opt for LED lights these days, in particular, full-spectrum LED lights. LED lights are inexpensive, easy to install, and produce less heat. In fact, you don’t even have to worry about growing your plants close to the fixtures. The only exception, in this case, is that LED lights are a little more expensive than any of the lights mentioned above.

Check the Environment

Just like other crops and plants require fresh air and carbon dioxide to carry out the process of photosynthesis, cannabis plants, too, need a steady airflow and enough growing space. If you live in a humid region you can place de-humidifiers or exhaust fans to maintain consistent airflow. Also, for proper ventilation install a fan with a filter combo. This way the bad odor will not affect the quality of the final crop.

Select A Growing Medium

For indoor grows you can either choose methods such as geoponics, hydroponic, or aeroponics. These are advanced growing techniques with the ability to provide effective results. If you are a beginner you can use soil or a geoponic growing medium. It’s by far the easiest method to grow cannabis and you can even blend different nutritious soil mediums suitable for the cannabis plant.

Feed Your Plants With Nutrition

Your cannabis plants will require essential nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, and a few amounts of calcium, magnesium, copper, and iron. If you are growing your cannabis plant in good quality, healthy, and nutritious soil, you won’t require extra nutrition. However, you can add these nutrients to the soil while you make your own organic soil. These nutrients are available in the form of powder and you can easily get them from the market.

Also, while growing your plants in the soil ensure that you regularly check the pH value of and adjust the water requirements accordingly. These tricks and techniques will enable you to grow an exquisite range of cannabis plants.

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