Gum Disease: Signs and Caring Tips

Gum disease is the most common type of oral disease. Bleeding is the initial indication of gum disease. The mild type gum issue is called Gingivitis, which many don’t give much attention to. The serious condition, Periodontitis, is more complicated. It can turn problematic and may lead to cascading effects if not treated in time. The renowned dental clinics in Kochi, Kerala, have proven treatment methodologies that would eliminate gum diseases at the root level. Providing a healthy oral condition. It is always best to consult a dental specialist in case of any doubts regarding oral health.

Signs of Gum Disease

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It will be useful to visit a dental specialist with the first sign of gum ailment. The doctor would prescribe some simple medications and suggest oral hygiene practices. These would cure the problem and would prevent a recurrence.

1. Gum Bleeding

Gum bleeding is the initial symptom that is normally observed by people. Bleeding can occur during brushing while chewing or without any reason. Consult a best dentist in the case of gum bleeding.

2. Reddishness on Gums

Inflammation on the gums would be indicated by the reddishness on some areas. Inspect the area visually if there are reddish spots. Reach out to a dental specialist if gum disease is suspected.

3. Foul Smell in Breath

The affected gum will have an accumulation of bacteria. This will cause bad breath. On the other hand, dental issues may also be the reason for bad breath. The mouth may be examined for indications of gum ailments to confirm the reason.

4. Puss in Gums

Accumulation of puss in gums and pain in the subject area is a clear indication of gum problem. The puss would have to be removed and medicines must be consumed for curing the ailment.

5. Loosening of Teeth

Loosening of teeth can happen due to gum disease or tooth problems. The best dentist would be able to examine the oral area and confirm the root cause easily. The dental treatment would be advised accordingly.

6. Gum Separation from Teeth

Gum disease will result in a lack of strength in the gums. Consequently, the gum will not be able to hold the teeth properly. This in turn causes gum separation from teeth.

7. Shrinking Gums

At the acute level, gum disease will cause the gums to shrink. This will make the teeth appear larger than they were before. Don’t delay in approaching a dental specialist at reputed dental clinics in such a scenario.

8. Sensitive Teeth

The Sensitivity observed could be due to gum disease as well. Only a qualified dental specialist can confirm the same after a thorough inspection.

Treatments for Gum Disease

Advanced medical treatments are available, for gum disease, at dental clinics in Kerala. Consulting a specialist doctor would be advisable to eradicate the disease at the root level and prevent recurrence.

Deep Cleaning

The dentist would suggest deep cleaning of the gums, to remove the puss, destroy the bacteria and get the gum healthy. Unlike surface cleaning, the deep cleaning is done using special equipment.


Medicines would be prescribed depending on the degree of gum disease. Antibiotic gels and creams are advised normally.


Surgery is suggested only in extreme cases, wherein deep cleaning and medication may not be effective. The well-established dental clinics would recommend surgery only if nothing else is useful to cure the disease.

Caring Tips for Preventing Gum Disease

Proper gum caring tips can reduce the possibility of gum disease. Further, the doctors would instruct the patients to observe such healthy practices to keep the gums healthy.

  • Smoking is the prime factor that adversely affects gums and teeth. A smoker will normally have stained teeth and weak gums
  • Tobacco chewing is another habit that is detrimental to oral health. It would damage the teeth and gums, as well as, cause irremovable stain on the teeth
  • Periodic plaque removal is advised to keep the teeth and gums healthy. Plaque removal is a part of standard horal maintenance practices
  • Sugary food can augment plaque development and can result in a weak oral health
  • Observe the precautions and guidelines suggested by the dental specialist. It would help maintain oral hygiene properly and avoid the requirement of frequent treatments

The Brief

Observing healthy oral practices can be effective in keeping the gum and teeth healthy for a longer period. Even then, oral issues can occur as a side effect of other medical ailments or medicines. Choose to visit only reliable dental clinics in case of any requirement. If you do good research, you can find some dental clinics that provide the best dental treatment for your oral issues. Oral treatments are to be undertaken with proper care. The doctor’s experience also matters a lot in providing a satisfactory result.

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